Mobile Website

Everyone longs for a smooth mobile experience. Especially the customers who are hitched on the mobile device all day, every day.

More than 50% of the mob users in the USA alone will access the internet via a mobile to shop, get information, pay bills, or download games or apps. The trend is more or less true for the mobile users worldwide

So, a mobile optimized website is not just an option anymore; it is a necessity!

What are the common complains about a non mob responsive online site?

  • The loss of ability to zoom when compared with the desktop version
  • A lot of features are absent on the mob site, for instance, reviews and so on.
  • Higher loading time
  • Incompatibility between different devices is irritating and mind-numbing.

If as a business owner you’re unclear on the mobile friendliness of your site, you can check it manually on your own device. To get an accurate indicator of a site’s optimization as per the search engine giant Google, a simple click on Google webmaster tools can give you a fair idea.

Now, the reason why mob optimization is so significant is pretty basic – the way a user interacts on a mob website is different from a traditional site!  That means a set of parameters are to be re-adjusted in order to give the user an ease-of-use he/she is accustomed to on a desktop device.

Key benefits for an online business site to go mobile friendly :

  • Enhanced user experience: Creating mobile friendly layouts, and using fast and simple forms translates to an enhanced user experience. An easy-to-navigate site, that’s also quick to load, allows the potential customer to make a quick-shopping decision from the comfort of a mobile phone.
  • Improved search engine rankings : Since 2015, Google has launched a series of mobile friendly algorithms. So, if the Google is taking the mobile entry seriously, so should you! Any site that’s quick to load, and is mobile responsive is being promoted in the search engine rankings.

         Mobile responsiveness thus becomes key area of focus for a business entity.

  • An increase in social media referrals: Enter a community park and notice a marked difference on people’s behavior – they all are engrossed in their mob device. More than 90% using the internet on a mobile are engaged in social media activities, giving you a chance to maximize social media referrals. So, when those users reach your site, they shouldn’t face an unresponsive site, to leave immediately!

It’s detrimental for a small to medium business owners to consider the benefits shared here, and make an attempt to go all mobile-friendly! Do consider the fact that creating a mobile website is easier and cheaper than mob app development, and should be a businesses top priority right now.

We at BlueChip digital, will be happy to cruise you through the mobile website development and designing process. As a leading digital marketer in the industry, we’ve witnessed the changes that led to the mobile website revolution, and have worked across the industrial spectrum to create a brand new mobile experience for our clients.