Ultimate SEO Services for E-Commerce Websites Dubai

SEO services for  E-commerce Sites Dubai: The name itself has evolved to a great extent so far. People these days are more concerned to turn their business into an online store. But how does this online store really helps? You know that online businesses give a better exposure and results in better sales. The important question now is how to make your site available to the people all over the world? Let’s see the importance of SEO in an E-commerce platform!

Well, it’s quite clear that you cannot gain numerous customers in just one go! If search engines do not find you, people will not be able to find you. Online shoppers have a habit of searching for a good store on a search engine. Just imagine that your store is not available. What will happen then? Your e-store will be a mere website that is rarely visited. Thus, SEO is very important for any e-commerce website.
Many stores use e-commerce SEO strategies to make their e-store shine between numerous websites. In past decades, e-commerce businesses have shown a great improvement only through SEO strategies. Traditional marketing trends are being greatly shifted to a market that excites customers and tempts them to buy the products.

What does an SEO Services for e-commerce sites


  • Seo Services for e-commerce sites dubai requires good keyword research 

Do you know how many google searches are made in a just a second? You won’t believe that it’s more than 700,000 searches! Now, don’t you feel that it’s a great task to make sure that customers see your e-store in search engines? The key what we recommend in a good keyword list!

Whenever we think of preparing a good website, we obviously think of keyword list for a good SEO. Remember one thing that people do read your stuff. Thus, don’t make your content a mere keyword list. What you need is a high-quality content alongside the keywords. What our observation says is that there are only 7% of total head term keywords and 93% of them are long-term keywords. What does this really mean?

Head term keywords are something that people mostly use on search engines while long-term keywords are a more specific version of heard terms. Long-term keywords give a good pattern of clicks and conversions as compared to head term keywords. Some of the best keyword tools to build keyword buckets are Google autosuggest, Google related search suggestions, keyword dominator, amazon suggest etc.

  • Seo Services for E-commerce site requires  Organized  site structure

Many times e-commerce brands think to revamp their website. Thus, for all e-commerce websites site architecture is a crucial thing. All e-commerce websites generally have millions of product pages. How does site architecture work? Site architecture allows you to see the way the user flow. What do you expect when a user uses your website? It’s obvious that you may want him or her to identify the key pages very easily.

A user flow should be very good and it greatly affects the SEO. What do we mean by a good user flow? Being a user you would expect that whenever you are looking for any product, you would click the product name in the navigation bar. Suppose you are looking for shoes, you would type it and select the category which will load you with the type of shoes you are looking for in a particular category (men or women). This is a good example of best site architecture because user reaches the item in just three clicks.

  • E-commerce Sites -Technical SEO

For any e-commerce website, technical SEO plays a vital role in search engines. You can insert canonical tags as well as switch up homepage internal links to improve SEO of your e-commerce website. Let’s see some of the technical SEO ideas to make your website shine:

  • Implementation of schema markup for e-commerce sites

You can get specific information for google with snippets or schema markup. You can go with either product schema markup or with review schema markup.
Product schema markup requires the name of the product and its price whereas review schema markup you would need aggregate ratings and individual review.

  • A disorganized URL structure can lead distress to customers

An e-commerce website has many product pages and categories. Thus, there is a need of clean URL structure. What we recommend you is to keep clean URL structure without any underscores, keep it short, its better to keep everything in lower case letters, add keywords to it etc.

  • On-site SEO services in e-commerce sites

The SEO management should be done all over the product page. What we mean is that the page should have good customer reviews, well-managed product images, best copywriting, etc. The on-site SEO involves everything in the product page which leads to a good ranking in any search engine.