SEO for Photography

Digital cameras have brought in a revolution in the field of photography. Photography as an art has become open and accessible with digital cameras. Anybody and everybody who owns a DSLR camera goes around with a tag of a photographer. They make utmost use of social media platforms like Facebook to exhibit their pictures and further their audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is equally important for a photographer because ultimately it is all about views, popularity and business. More the people like the pictures, higher are the chances that they will engage you for an event, to make it memorable.

Why does a photography website need an SEO?

Like any other business, photography business will flourish only if it has consumers. Apart from generating consumers, it is crucial to connect people looking for the service to the ones providing it. SEO helps overcome this block. A good SEO policy helps in people approaching to utilise the service provided by the service provider.

  • An appropriate SEO will help keep the page fluid and flexible which is easy to browse through.
  • SEO helps get more views and customers, thereby expanding the reach of the page.

How would having a robust SEO enabled website help photographers?

  • SEO drives organic traffic to the websites. Hence it helps in publicity without having to pay for it.
  • For a robust SEO to be set, the website has to be top notch in its quality. This ensures quality control automatically.
  • Updated website code, which helps in better ranking and visibility.
  • Better internal structure which does not turn off viewers.
  • No broken links which will leave viewers stranded or lost in a website.

Now that the benefits of having an SEO enabled page have been detailed, here are some SEO tips for a photography page-

  1. Indexing is different, ranking is different. Google indexes a page before ranking. To find out if the page is indexed, type site: domainname, in Google. If your page pops up, it means that the page is indexed and hence will automatically be ranked.
  2. Choosing what platform to build the website in, plays a major role in appearing in searches. WordPress is the best platform to build a website in since it is fluid and flexible. Also, it has the most beneficial arrangement with search engine results.
  3. Always have only one domain for your page. Having multiple domains would split the views and result in lesser views. If you need to have a blog, try integrating that with the picture page.
  4. Be careful to not block search engines from indexing your site. While building websites, check that there is no such option to block search engines from indexing, because once the page is not indexed there is no question of page ranking by Google.
  5. List your business in Google Business. People generally prefer to have local photographers who are accessible to cover their events. Hence listing on business sites will ensure location-based search results and show up in relevant searches.