HDFMagazine, Andy Frisella, Ariana Huffington, Crime by design, Alyssa Ramos, and Arvin’s World. Serial entrepreneurs with great success stories. We have become accustomed to using their wisdom over the years thanks to their accounts on various social networks, of course, including Instagram.

However, they are not the only source of inspiration that represents entrepreneurial wisdom. There is a new wave of entrepreneurs who are using Instagram to document their path to success.

These individuals embody the trip, and their accounts reflect the day-to-day battles and victories of a new business.

They come from different contexts, with fashion, health, digital marketing, and online content businesses, but they have something in common: they are stars in the promotion that represent a new form of motivation: innovators, product developers, speakers, bloggers, CEOs, etc.

Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts that you should follow in this social network.


It is another Trep Media online publication and delivery with a pure style and excellent design. As in @prsuit, it has motivational and inspirational quotes taken directly from in-depth interviews with numerous global entrepreneurs listed on its website, as well as stories from the brand’s creator, Matt Gottesman.

The creators of the account say they do not sell the dream of entrepreneurial success but document the daily battle. All its content embodies people who are on their way to achieving their goals, and their images reflect it. And by the way, if you comment on his photos, Gottesman himself could answer you.


This account, owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, is raw, honest, and straightforward. Given that he is a serial entrepreneur, as well as an avid investor of companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Uber, it is easy to see that he has much to teach about his day to day business. His Instagram has everything from views on social media to videos, podcasts, and talks.


Founded by Case Kenny, it is an online publication part of the vertiginous Trep Media group. His inspirational quotes are born from millennials to millennials.

His articles have more than 400 authors worldwide, and the Instagram account sends a daily selection of notes. PRSUIT seeks to destroy the clickbait (articles with very striking heads but that do not talk about anything), and in its Instagram content, it seeks to tell real-life stories that resonate among the followers.


Andy Frisella is as direct as the most. A real entrepreneur who is not afraid to tell people to stop complaining and start looking for their dreams. Not only is the CEO of the 1st. Phorm, a supplement company that has earned several million dollars, speaks directly about the struggles it had to overcome on its way to success. Andy’s account features video fragments of his podcast, as well as his interactions with other entrepreneurs.


This account is from Arvin Lal, founder of Shredz has a community of followers known as #ShredzArmy. This man is pure motivation. He talks about his experiences building a company that became worldwide in a few years, as well as pieces of his talks. It’s like seeing the behind the scenes of a story of successful entrepreneurs.


Bethenny Frankel was released on a reality show, but her struggle to form the Skinny Girl Cocktails brand makes this Instagram account so good. She is a true entrepreneur and talks about the constant search for a balance between personal life and work.


This Instagram talks about rock culture. The owners of this account promote the value of the individual, experiences in remote countries, and artistic thoughts. The account represents a true cult object that I feel is inspired by its definition of what it means to create a trend.


Gary Vaynerchuk is known for many things: for being a true personality on the Internet, for being an international speaker, for being a “serial entrepreneur,” for being a successful writer… And also, for being considered one of the most critical business leaders inspiring of our time. His outgoing and relentless personality encourages his followers to give their best. His Instagram account, followed by 1.7 million users, is full of motivational videos, quotes and lessons to help people to launch a business and pursue passions.


Businessman, successful writer, life coach, leader … Tonny Robbins seeks to empower people to achieve their dreams and is one of the best-known faces in the world of coaching, helping people around the world reach their full potential. His Instagram account has 1.4 million followers and is not only a source of inspiration with quotes and motivational videos but also allows you to get an idea about Robbins’ personal life.


Alyssa Ramos, a true full-time and traveller influencer from the United States, has made a living with her Instagram. Digital nomad and travel blogger, use his profile to inspire people and motivate them to work harder at the hard times and so that they can play with the world and celebrate their work from anywhere.

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