Keyword optimization, link building, and excellent content management skills are not the only things that are capable of boosting your site rankings. You can take help of Twitter to leverage your search engine rankings.

Google and Twitter are known to have a strong partnership for far too long now. This partnership provides Google with access to all kinds of data on Twitter, which also helps Google search engine bots to index the same. Twitter thus, becomes an integral part when it comes to SEO.

Since a couple of years, more and more corporates are realizing this fact. They are all using Twitter elaborately to endorse and market their products and services. In a family of over 330 million Twitter users, it becomes essential for Google to keep a track on all kinds of activities going on the social media platform.

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How does Twitter do that?

Well, Twitter helps your site and company’s visibility on Google, this is a simple fact we know! But how does it happen?

Try searching for a brand or a company name on the Google search engine platform. You are not only going to see a stream of site links related to the brand name and company, but you are going to see latest tweets from the brand’s Twitter page.

Moreover, you can also make a search regarding a trending hashtag on the Google search engine page. When you do this, you are going to discover all kinds of content related to that hashtag as search results. And among all these results, Twitter holds a place too. All the latest tweets related to that particular hashtag are also going to pop up.

The famous Google-Twitter partnership has provided a leverage to various blogging platforms. These blogging platforms can easily tap all the opportunities twitter provides to enhance their web visibility. Therefore, today, no matter who you are, if you are looking to improve your site visibility in connection with search engine rankings, Twitter is the place to go.

However, let’s understand one more perspective to the whole concept of Twitter. Even if your business, your site, or your blog are not indexed by Google and do not show up on the search engine, you have other ways to benefit from Twitter. The prime one is to build social signals. Now, what exactly are social signals? Well, social signals are nothing but links to your website, your business and your blog.

If you constantly share your site’s link or your blog/business’ link on Twitter, or suggest others to do the same on your behalf too, eventually your site is going to be acknowledged by Google. This might happen later but it will still happen. The number of shares and referrals are directly proportional to the rank you are going to get on Google. The more shares on Twitter and other social media platforms, the more your site is going to be visible on the Search Engine.

Apart from doing all of the above mentioned things, you can easily boost your site ranking with the help of the following three techniques.

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  • Share your blogs

With over 330 million active users worldwide, Twitter is the place where you definitely want to be when looking to expand your business. When sharing your blog posts, you are attracting public at large, around the globe! Moreover, you are also simultaneously allowing Google to look out for your site and your blog. When constantly tweeting about your blog post, you and the people are together improving your visibility and also creating a chain of social signals.

Yes, it can be tough to manage your Twitter account while you are looking to build an empire for yourself, but through certain tools you can manage to do the same in a feasible manner. You can easily connect your blog to your business Twitter account through internal linkings and plugins to do the needful. It will do your job of sending out a Tweet every time you are publishing something new.

  • Re-sharing helps

Yes, sharing once works wonders for your business and your site, but imagine what re-sharing could do for the same?

If you have managed to make a post successful by sharing it once in the past, never, I repeat, NEVER hesitate to share the same post again in the future. It is said that sharing a post once is not enough when it comes to powerfully generating social signals. And hence, the power of re-sharing!

Re-sharing helps in multiple ways. The most common? It helps generate more shares for your post, which means more and more people are looking at the same. For this, you might need professional help. However, if you are not able to afford professional SEO help, you could also take help of SEO tools available online. With these tools you can easily schedule your posts on Twitter to share the links leading directly to your site. However, for this, you would want to ensure the right time in the coming months or weeks. You cannot just share any Christmas related post while Thanksgiving is around the corner, right?

However, when re-sharing your posts, there is one caution you need to look for! Do not every spam your followers on Twitter. People do not like spammers, no matter what the platform. Re-share it, but don’t re-share it twice in a day.

  • Work on your Twitter handle

Your business requires a lot of hard work when it comes to setting it up, right? Also, this hard work continues even after you have successfully established your name in the industry. Well, your Twitter account requires the same amount of efforts too!

Your Twitter bio and profile? Yes, it is very important. Through your Twitter bio you can enhance your search rankings. People are pretty simple if you understand what exactly do they require. Well, when it comes to brands and sites, people, when interested in a particular brand or site or even a blog tend to look up for it on social media platforms. They are going to look up everything available online. Therefore, you would want to present yourself in the best possible way for the general public.

The first thing to take note of – you should be using the name of your brand as your Twitter username. Moreover, you should also optimize your Twitter profile, including the Bio in order to get better attention, which directly implies better rankings. Having a summary related to your journey and struggles for setting this business up is only going to help you connect better to the people. Right amount of keywords and hashtags also work wonders for you. Apart from this, the pinned tweet you see on major Twitter handles these days, well, you need to buck up and make use of that too. You need to do whatever it takes to lead your followers to loving you and helping you enhance your search rankings.

While conservative marketing strategies involved aggressive TV and print advertising to drive people to loving you, today social media platforms like Twitter seem to have changed the whole concept of marketing. Yes, it requires an investment! But what is the investment? Your time, your energy and SEO skills. These three elements combined with perseverance and passion are going to work wonders for you to improve your search rankings! Yes, you can do it too!