Enhancing website speed, eliminating intrusive elements, improving fonts and texts, elaborating touch element size, or even writing persuasive content, literally anything can enhance your conversion rates.

We are living in a time when people are searching for everything on their mobile devices. The boom and pace at which smartphones are entering into the consumer markets is evident enough a fact for the same!

It is imperative for each brand to now shift their focus on building better smartphones and apply aggressive marketing strategies to maximize their profits. However, yet some brands are not able to offer a seamless experience to their users. Why? What goes wrong?

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It all comes Down to Practicing Good Mobile SEO Techniques.

Merely designing a mobile-friendly site is not enough. Brands need to cater to providing optimized and user-friendly experiences to people as well. This is important not just for the users, but for businesses as well. How? Well, conversion rates matter to you, right?

Read further to know what is it that you are doing wrong that will kill your conversion rates! Here are the top five mobile SEO mistakes you could be making.

Website Copy

A vital role in conversion rates is played by website copy size. Owing to smaller screen sizes, websites cannot be the same on mobile devices as they are on laptop and desktops. Desktops and laptops opt for long copy which is not very compatible with mobile screens. Mobile users are not very tolerant of these fluctuations and demand quicker and seamless loading of site pages. The mobile users are of course more demanding. Therefore, as a business and a site owner you should ensure that your website copy is not just easy but also persuasive, brief and precise. You are looking to glue people to your site and not keep them away.

You can take help of the following tips to ensure your website copy is giving you better conversion rates

  • Make sure to use language and tonal variations that your buyers are familiar with.
  • You must use simple content, short and concise sentences and easy language
  • You should write a website copy of about 500 words that is going to perform better on your mobile devices.
  • Make sure to write a copy related to your buyers personality, which caters to addressing all kinds of audience’s.
  • You should be focusing on the benefits rather than sticking to all kinds of features.

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Touch Elements

Having touch elements is not a bad option, but badly placed touch elements can be a drawback for your site and conversion rates. Therefore, if you have interactive buttons for your site, you must be careful about their placement and their capability to provide accurate touch options. Optimization of checkboxes and other quiz-like buttons is a must. You should be careful with them because if the touch elements do not come out right, your idea of having a seamless website on a mobile device is lost, which is equal to a loss of conversion rates.

Take help of larger touch element buttons, throw in some distinct color schemes, do whatever it takes to get it right on a mobile device. Mobile SEO is the key today!

Speedy Loading

As we have stated earlier, today’s generation, the millennials as we call them are no longer tolerant enough or patient enough to wait for a site to load. They want everything and they want it quick. Therefore, if your site does not load quickly on their mobile devices, you are losing out major site traffic. If your site takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load on mobile devices, you are going to lose out on conversion rates. 40 per cent people abandon sites which take longer than 3 to 5 seconds to load, which in turn gives you an almost 10 per cent reduction in your conversions.

In fact, site loading speed is a major factor for Google to rank you on their search engines. Google recently started indexing sites on the basis of their performance on mobile devices, and therefore, it becomes even more important that you get it right every time!


The most common on the list here! Typography as a mistake is committed by most site owners. Little do they realize how important it is when it comes to mobile conversion rates.

The fundamentals of typography are typeface, fonts, length of the sentences, leading, etc. Now, since mobile devices have a smaller screen size in comparison to laptops and desktops, it is important to get typography on your site just right. If the site visitors find it difficult to access and read the content on your site, they might not hesitate on giving up on your website. Easy to follow typography is a must for better conversion rates.

To get it right, ensure that you are

  • Never using a font size less than 14 pixels
  • Using font color which is complementing the theme and color of your site
  • Using white space appropriately between texts
  • Not using more than 60-65 characters in a line.

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Intrusive Elements

Since Google now indexes mobile sites to rank them on their search engine, it is essential that intrusive elements are not denying your site the value and ranking it deserves. Intrusive elements like pop-ups tend to hinder people’s website usage experience and bring your site down on Google search engine ranks. Once your rankings go low, your conversion rates go even lower.

The four most common intrusive elements that hinder website usage experience are-

  • Pop-ups covering web pages after a person visits the page through search engine results
  • Pop-ups covering the key content while user is on a page
  • Hidden content due to other intrusive elements on a website, which a person needs to dismiss in order to access the page.
  • Content hidden under the above the fold portion of a site

Making sure you have good conversion rates means saying no to using intrusive elements on your site.

As a business and a site owner, you are obviously going to be interested in conversions and rates. And since majority site traffic and revenues comes through mobile devices, it becomes imperative for a business to adopt Mobile SEO practices to enhance those rates. You simply cannot ignore it, if you are aiming for success. Yes, you need to undertake a strategic decision to change and amend all these five mistakes you have been making, you are definitely going to see a change!