There might not be a relationship between emails and SEO in the first instance. However, when you dive deep into the depths, you are going to see an endless world.

To begin with, it is said that about half the population on the planet uses emails today. Considering the dependence on smartphones every day in our lives, it is likely to be more now. This is probably the prime reason, why emails and SEO are linked. Email marketing is the new tool to hit the SEO and digital marketing markets to boost businesses and brand awareness. Email marketing works in a multifold manner by generating leads that are productive, provides better conversion rates, encourages site visits, and many other such things.

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Unlike search engine results and even social media platforms, emails do not really have a direct relationship with organic lead generation and SEO rankings, yet email marketing leverages your website rankings. How is that possible? Well, almost half the people who visit a website, visit it through the links given in emails. Therefore, discovering new potentials in the world of email marketing is the best gift you could be giving to your business. Here is how you can achieve better rankings through email marketing.

  • Boosting social signals

Spider bots and crawlers that are always scanning search engines and websites for providing people with quality content as and when they are looking for it, well, these crawlers do not have the capacity to look and scan for emails. The search engine crawlers, however, do acknowledge the actions you perform after you click on the links provided in the emails. Emails might be used to enhance your social media interactions and this is why they also affect your rankings. Spider bots recognize this fact and hence help in improving your website rankings later.

  • You can use this to your benefit by
  1. Sending out more and more emails for every new product launch and new social media post.
  2. You can also include social media links and buttons to directly land people to your new post and product pages.
  3. Apart from all this, you can ask your subscribers to share the emails they get through social media links and encourage others to look at the posts they make.
  • Retarget site visits to lower bounce rates

You can enhance your site visits through email marketing, there is no doubt about that. However, it is a totally new thing to get more and more people to stick to your site to take actions. If visitors after looking at your site are leaving quickly, this is not a good sign and is called Bounce Rates or simply Bouncing. Google search engine algorithms consider bounce rates when they are trying to determine the actual position for your site and your rankings. Bounce rates are essential when it comes to knowing how relevant your site is going to be for people who are searching for something similar. To minimize bounce rates, you need to take help of email marketing mechanisms. Through email marketing you can retarget the visitors to your site by providing them with benefits to go visit the site again and check out the offers stated.

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  • Newsletter archives

Publishing newsletters is always a good option and sending them across through emails is even better. However, if you have been doing it regularly, you might have loads of content that is now lying as archived. This archived content can be used to target new and already existing audiences, who, you think, are going to find it interesting and relevant. Instead of dumping everything off like waste, you need to create online archives that will contain all your newsletters. You can repurpose your old content and use it to garner better site traffic and better rankings. Take help of social media platforms and make it available there through links or simply through pdf formats on your website.

  • Request them to give you a feedback

Feedbacks and reviews show up in majority cases when people are looking for your site or something similar and relevant. These reviews on search engine pages are what people consider and prefer over everything else when looking to choose a website to their likings. Therefore, feedbacks provided by your customers and site visitors is going to be essential make sure your customers do provide you with relevant reviews and feedbacks, it might take a moment from their side and a lot of efforts on your side, but in the long run it is going to benefit you a lot.

  • Segregate your email lists

Use all your data in order to segregate your emails into lists, so that you can present it later in the form of content. This content form will be welcomed by your visitors and email recipients as a new way to look at your site and your business. Making separate lists can help you manage your business and your site better. You can also look at open rates to see what content is getting better views and what is not. Your email lists can be broken down into different segments based on multiple factors. These factors might include, but are not limited to –

  • Previously purchased products
  • Their age, gender and other related credentials
  • Their demographics and geographic location
  • Their interests

Through these segments any many more, you can learn the choices of your site visitors and thereby create better content to attract them better. This is therefore going to help you with better rankings on the Google search engine.

Email marketing is a powerful tool which can be used in multiple ways, only to give you one result – Benefits and growth for your business. You can use the mechanisms of email marketing to connect with not just other sites and blogs but also people and influencers to grow your business multifold. You can steer the wheels of email marketing to tap on the right opportunities for your business!