You might have always wondered how does a website ends up on the first page of the Google search result. You might have been wondering about the same for your business and your website too! Well, you need not worry. Meet your new best friend – SEO.

SEO is a critical factor which influences traffic to your site. Implemented efficiently, SEO can bring you success in shortest possible time.

How is that possible?

Well, to make things simpler, Google takes help of small yet effective spider bots (well, of course they are virtual, but yeah! These spider bots and web crawlers take into account every single website, every single blog page, every single article, at all times during the day. They bots decide whether or not your website and your content is valuable to the internet community. If these bots find the content to be valuable, it ensures your content is ranked good enough on the Google Search Engine.

Spider bots take into account various indicators when deciding where to rank your website and your content. These indicators include the age of your domain name, the quality of your content, the traffic to your site, and internal and back links to your site. These indicators are not limited to these 4, the list is extensive.

Basically, these spider bots are only looking forward to the content on your site and other matters, of course. We need to provide them with the things they are looking for in order to gain a leverage in terms of search engine rankings. The process might be complicated for a layman and hence SEO experts are there for you! You can sail through this ocean with the help of our guide and SEO expert in Dubai!

SEO experts have vowed to implement the following six strategies to gain leverage for their clients. Here are those 6 strategies straight from their mouth.

• Content is the king!

Google is vowing to take your website up if and only if your content is valuable, quality and helpful. It is their mission. This should be your priority too! Thus, you must aim at creating content which is going to answer all kinds of problems of people. SEO experts state that if, as a website/blog owner you are successful in answering all kinds of troubles the people have, your content is going to be shared more and more every single day. No one is going to stop you from being viral! Whatever you do, create your own content or seek help of other writers and bloggers, you need to be original in your approach.

However, one needs to know that content is not restricted to blog posts and articles. It also extends to video content, photographs, other tools and plugins. You could opt for anything to be honest, but just be strong enough to exercise your wit among the audiences.

• Own your domain name

SEO experts often say that Google only recommends the websites it believes in. The websites that are reliable are going to be the ones who are going to make it to the top lists of a search result. However, entrepreneurs do not understand this. They are of the view that a free website is going to get them what they are looking for. Therefore, Individual hosting space is a must if you are looking to that coveted spot in the Google search results.

• Opt for quality backlinks.

Backlinking is an essential SEO strategy when it comes to directing someone to your site from someone else’s site. The site providing backlinks to your site, if has a good domain name and is popular among people is going to push your rankings up in the world of Internet. A single backlink from a popular website is going to improve your position in the search engine results effectively as compared to other SEO techniques. SEO experts warn however, you are not supposed to buy these backlinks as not only Google discourages such practices, but also knows how to identify these practices. The best way to do this is to create good quality content for your site and blog and transform the same into guest posts to be used by other top bloggers and site owners.

• Have an online presence

SEO is directly related to having a strong presence over social media platforms. It is essential because Google considers this as an essential factor when it comes to site rankings. If Google finds out that your brand/business is tweeting and retweeting hundreds of tweets almost everyday, it is going to lead itself to a conclusion that your social media presence is significant and and should be rewarded with good search engine rankings.

A foolproof way to get more tweets and comments on social media platforms? Well, experts say good quality content is always going to be by your side in this arena as well. It is going to lead the viewers and readers to share it among others and promote your content to easily get you your desired rankings and popularities.

• Google trends tool

You could seek help of Google if needed to ensure your SEO practices are governed by Google itself. Google has introduced a brilliant tool to do the same – Google Trends. It should be your top keyword tool where you can analyse the importance of a particular keyword and also the popularity of the same among the masses. It reflects all kinds of changes in the search queries that people make and compare what is best suited for you and your needs. It is a powerful tool for new businesses! If you are using the same for your new business and are looking to enhance your sales, you need to understand what your business is about and look for keywords on the tool that are going to make sure website traffic and revenues, both come your way. If, for example you own a hardware store and your business is locally located in the US, you need to ensure you are strategizing your keyword usage. Google Trends will help you with the same. How? It is going to tell you how people are more likely to search for shovels during the winters and this is when you should be using the keyword frequently. Moreover, the tool is also going to help you with a breakdown of a keyword in particular demographics. SEO experts literally say that with such immense power you could take down the world of internet!

• Your Website Has a Say in It Too!

Most web developers wouldn’t tell you about this, but your website design plays an important part in your SEO strategy too. A good website design is an important factor when it comes to good SEO techniques. The heavier your website is, the difficult the process to index it would be. Size of your web page, images, banners, and other content is going to determine how your website is going to be ranked, as these factors will determine the speed of loading of the site. SEO experts say that a good website would take about 0-2 seconds to load, which means the spider bots will have a better opportunity to quickly access and analyze your site. How your site is going to load on a mobile platform is also going to affect the search rankings.

Tips and tricks like these, if implemented properly in your SEO strategy, are going to bring you the results you are seeking. It will help you drive better traffic and revenues your side quickly. These techniques, straight from SEO experts are going to revolutionize your impact in the the realm of web.