You have taken the decision to jump into the wagon of websites for your business!

It is a significant decision you are going to take. However, you do need to understand that websites are not an easy task, especially for beginners in the industry. We are not trying to demotivate you, we are here to help you.

Your website should appear nice and fresh, and so should its design. Customers, who visit your site should find it user-friendly and easy. Your site should be optimized in accordance with search engines, and should be protected against all kinds of online threats.

This list will go on and on and on!

But how are you going to be able to manage all of this? Especially when you are new to this whole process.

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You can take help of the WordPress platform for developing a new website for your business. There must be a reason why WordPress is said to be one of the most popular systems of content management. The platform is so efficient and popular that WordPress users post, on an average 17 posts every single second of the day. And this happens round the globe. You should also know that some of the most popular websites such as, and New York Post are all based out of WordPress.

There is, therefore, no denying the fact that WordPress is an amazing platform. Moreover, it is open for anyone and everyone. The original website coding platform, which is not as complicated as it sounds, is available for anyone to use, to build and modify a website. This is why WordPress is preferred all-round the globe, it all comes down to it being flexible.

Do you want more reasons to opt for WordPress right now?

Well, along with the convenience and flexibility, you also get numerous themes, pre-designed, so all the site designing decisions you have to make, are easy. Moreover, you can install different plugins to make your process and your WordPress journey easy.

  • What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are apps which you can use to enhance your WordPress website. With these plugins you can add new and innovative features to your site.  When you start using these plugins, you are not going to realise how important they turn out to be, but in the long run, you are going to need them every single day.

With the help of these plugins you can optimize your site in accordance with the Google algorithms and protect your site against everything. Moreover, you also give your site visitors a good enough user experience.

Today, there are over 50,000 plugins in the official WordPress directory, from which you need to sort out the most significant plugins. All of this is not going to depend on your preferences, but will depend on the type of business you are operating. Each business has different requirements, however, there are certain WordPress plugins which should be universally accepted by almost all businesses.

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Here are few significant WordPress plugin options you definitely should give it a go!

  • Social Media Plugins

Since you are just stepping foot in the realm of business and digital marketing, you do need social media plugins by your side in your journey. It is going to because you harm later if you do not provide social media linked buttons for sharing the content on your website. Social Media is a free advertising channel, if you know how to use it well. Through the likes and shares, you can increase the exposure for your site, and at the same time, increase the number of visitors to your site. Social Media platforms will help you in spreading across your message around the world, making you popular in a few days.

  • Content Optimization plugins

The content optimization plugin comes in handy in various ways, especially when you are looking forward to rank higher on Google search engine. Of course, as we all know, merely having a website is not enough today, we want our website to rank higher, in the top slots of the search results. This ‘All in One’ SEO plugin will surely help you do that. You can start with the basics here, through this tool for each and every content piece you are putting up on your website. This tool helps you in editing your metadata and other basic things which are going to enhance your site rankings. Of course, this plugin is not an alternative to proper SEO practices for your business, but it is helpful. It is going to speed up the site optimization process for the SEO experts you might hire in the future.

  • Page loading optimization Plugins

The number one problem that is faced by most websites is not being able to reduce the page loading time to a bare minimum. Now we have stressed over this point time and again, and we are doing it again here. Millennials are not very patient creatures, they want everything pretty quickly and hence, if your site is going to take more than 3 to 5 seconds to load, you are already at a disadvantage. You need to address the user experience through your SEO strategies and your plugins. Taking help of plugins like WP Super Cache is going to do the job for you. How? Well, since most of the website loading time is affected because of caching problems, the plugin ensures that no such problems occur for anyone visiting your site. They do all the work and handle everything so your site rankings never get affected.

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  • Image optimization Plugins

Along with faster site loading, you also need plugins to ensure the images on your site load fast enough. Of course, you do not want anything to wrong at this stage. All the content you are putting up on your site might cause it to be heavy in the long run, and this could definitely lead to slower loading time of not just your website, but your images. Most websites use heavier images, clicked on their phones, embedding them directly. The files are not resized in any way, and this leads to the problem. Tools like Image Optimizer help you load your website content, especially the images, load faster. The plug in is not just promoted faster loading, but is a form of an editor for all your image needs. You can store and use optimized images for you site, so your site visitors do not have to wait for longer durations.

  • Online Security Plugins

Once you have ensured your website is fully functional, you need to also ensure that it is safe for everyone to use. Hiring a team of IT professionals who is dedicated to your site security is not practical in the earlier stages of establishing your business, therefore, you need feasible security plugins for the same. These plugins are important to protect your site from all kinds of cyber-attacks. Plugins like Wordfence are popular plugin for WordPress sites which does the job for you.

  • Anti-Spam Plugins

Most WordPress sites come along with this plugin pre-installed, along with the commenting feature for their blog. This is not activated though, unless you activate it. Most users forget about this or do not know that they are supposed to activate the same. If your WordPress site invites different users to engage on your site over different content pieces, you should definitely look forward to activate this plugin. Plugins like Akismet plugin becomes essential. If not activated, spams can easily infiltrate your site boundaries and cause harm to it in the long run.  Once the anti-spam plugins are active on your site, you will have more time on your hands to creating wonderful content, rather than cleaning up your site frequently.

  • Data plugins

You no longer have to switch windows or switch to whole another platform to view your analytics and your site performance. You can do it through data plugins in one glance. Through the help of Google Analytics plugin, you can access all the performance data easily in the background. By accessing the back end of your WordPress site, you can view your website performance data easily and quickly. You can do this while you are trying to post new content or edit the already existing content on your site. You can see everything, from top posts and articles, to site traffic, to referrers, in one glance.

  • Contact and Lead-generation plugins

What is the basic function of a website? To provide you and your business with better revenues, better lead generation, and better site traffic. But overall, a website should provide adequate information to be displayed for all potential consumers. Some people would want to be interested in contacting you by either calling you, send you an Email, or even texting you. This is why contact information on your site is important. This is important to ensure your business grows in the long run. By simply creating a contact form on your site through the help of plugins like Gravity Form, you can generate not just leads and traffic, but also see generation of revenue in the coming weeks. You can offer your site visitors newsletters, free downloads, and other such items to woo them.

So many things go into designing a website and maintaining it further. Be it optimizing your site in accordance with search engines or improving the site experience for your users, WordPress plugins are essential. Through plugins you can modify your site usage experience, within a very limited time and in a limited budget. Without the help of plugins all this would take a humongous time and a handsome sum of money. You too can build for yourself a fully functional website, it isn’t difficult!