Ad Agencies in Dubai:

What exactly does Ad agencies in Dubai be all about? Let’s know whether is it going to give you ROI.

Every Business owner is interested in promoting his business when there is less cost and reaching the right audience. But do really Ad agencies in Dubai is making its footprint in reaching the customer with an exact direction?

The answer is “No”

Dubai is all about people from different region and most people visit Dubai as a tourist. Tourist always wants to visit a new place to explore the city so does they watch ads? In simple term, it’s No No No.

And the other reason which falls into this category is Different people from a different region with different languages. This type of people usually uses satellite channels of their region. So it’s not possible to reach the right audience. But for every problem, they are a solution.

This solution is very much Cost effective, time-effective, the budget limitation can be done based on the mood of the business and can reach the right target audience

Are you still wondering what exactly is this more than Ad agencies in Dubai?

Ok Let me make it more transparent it’s Digital Marketing and my post is about how Ad agencies in Dubai are 90 times costly than digital marketing. Let’s find it out more about it.

Digital Marketing is now a day playing a major role in advertising. As it’s easy to access from any device if it’s connected with the Internet (data). Every Internet User in Dubai uses Youtube to watch his/her favorite videos, this tool is very much effective tool compared with other platforms as much more than 90% are now using Youtube. But wait it’s not about only one platform when we look into video Advertisements. We have many platforms which are now used as an app in mobile devices where adds can be shown based on the interest of a user.

They are two ways of sources to showcase our ads-

  • With Google & Google Partners (AdSense/AdMob)
  • Private Apps

Google and Google Partner: When we advertise on Google (Youtube) we have two option to showcase our ads. When setting up the campaign it asks for to showcase on Google partner apps- if we click to the particular box, adds will be visible to other Google Partner Apps

Private Apps: Most popular apps like News, Entertainment, Sports have their own network for advertising. By approaching them based on the business requirements no of users on this platform can reach the exact audience.

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