Black hat SEO is a shortcut technique for improving your website ranking or gaining more visibility on the search engine. It may lose your website ranking more than they help.

What is Black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a technique to go against Google guidelines and algorithm to boost website ranking or you can say cheating the google.

There are two types of SEO:

White Hat SEO: Follow all Google guidelines to boost ranking in search engines.

Black Hat SEO: Neglect all Google guidelines to boost ranking in search engines.

How Black hat SEO Can hurt your Website? Here are some black hat SEO techniques:

  • Publishing Low-quality Content: Search Engines prefer website with high-quality and unique content as they want to give useful information to the user. Many marketers use lots of low quality and duplicate content to get rank that makes your image bad in search engine eyes and hurt your website ranking later.
  • Keyword Stuffing: Many marketers think keyword stuffing help them to get a boost in their ranking while google consider it over optimization of repeated keywords.
  • Buying Backlinks / Paid Backlinks: As links are major factors in website ranking, there are lots of companies who buy thousands of links that are mostly from spammy and low-quality sites. This links harm your website images and ranking as well.
  • Spam Comments: Many marketers’ think commenting on other blogs with your website links will help them to get rank. As some time, they increase traffic on your website but it will not include in ranking calculations. So, it’s better to avoid spam comments.
  • Hidden Text: Hidden text is also considered as black hat technique in SEO which is invisible or unreadable to the user. Where the human is not able to read the content but search engines can. If the search engine found this kind of activity your website will be banned permanently.
  • Article Spinning: As Google loves content updates time to time but some site owners just make small changes to the existing website and put it on their website. This technique reduces the quality of the original content and makes a bad image in search engine eyes.