Technological changes have been seen in these recent years. Digital world is changing itself to a great extent. Everything that we see on internet is what we believe. The best search engine used by millions of people across the world is Google. For sure, being one of the best search engines Google is concerned about its well being and thus it releases amazing updates that ensures its truthfulness.

In 2011, an update was released that ensured the ban of spam content. Google thus constantly works to devalue the unauthorised content published by people so that its image is not hampered. People have always trusted google for providing genuine information since years. Another great research done by google is KBT (Knowledge based trust) which chooses web page quality through facts! How does it actually helps? KBT demote the web sites that continuously publish fake information. By this Google has become a hero as its ranking factor is the factual information and it’s constantly working towards it. With all these innovative updates let’s see what is upcoming in 2018?

  • Google assistant has raised the expectations: The trend of Google assistant in devices is growing its popularity these days. There are various innovations in the information provided by voice search feature through Google. With the smart voice search features, there is an increase in snippets through which google provides its results.We can conclude that with the voice search growth, there is an increased growth in featured snippets. We assume that everything is going to be very smart now!
  • Artificial Intelligence is becoming very powerful! : Google was and is the most powerful search engine. The credit for its success goes to the Artificial intelligence system that helps it in processing the search results. Now, Google has gained its fame by launching its own product. This states that it has increased the AI power of its systems.The AI’s algorithm are programed by developers. They are unaware about the working of final result and thus the results become unpredictable for them too. In 2018, the goal of Google is to optimise AI so much so that it makes predictions similar to humans.
  • Boost for smaller brands : A patent by Google will track unlinked brand mentions too. This would definitely play a vital role in SEO rankings and will help smaller businesses to increase their rank! Most of the people mention brand rather than just linking it. For them this update will really be a saviour.
  • An update in Mobile Indexed searches : Researchers have proved that people search content more on their mobile phones than on desktops. Thus, this revolution has brought the search engine to implement mobile first indexing. Now, the update will rank its listings of searches based on mobile searches. Moreover, those listings are assumed to impact desktop listings too. Mobiles devices play an important role and in 2018, the sites that don’t work in mobile devices will also gain its popularity!Let’s see what this year will bring to its digital users. We are sure that SEO strategies and AI updates will make you powerful this year!