Content Marketing Techniques for Marketers

Content is the king – and it’s true for business establishments irrespective of their size or functionality. The quality of your content, its value, the information-content, the veracity and even getting to the right audience all play an integral part in bringing traffic. And hence lead generation.

Here are 5 important content marketing techniques that would help marketers’ big time.

Research based contents

If you perform a keyword related search on a particular topic or keyword and stumble upon the websites that have the highest page rankings, you’ve a lot to learn from those websites. The websites that have earned those page rankings reached that position due to the fact that the information has got real, in-depth value. Those websites did not publish the articles just for the sake of it, or for SEO sake – they have conveyed so much information after conducting research and data gathering. They contain valuable information like statistics, screenshots, and links to external sources etc that enhance the reading experience.

Therefore ADD VALUE – Attract customers

Invest in Content generation

Content generation covers the entire process of creating content from scratch.

A dedicated team of individuals who are skilled and experienced in keyword research, SEO optimization, Content writing, Editing, multimedia and graphic works are behind every engaging, traffic-driving website content. And therefore every marketer should invest in this area of content generation or creation generously.

Content personalization

The content that you publish on your website may not be appealing to every reader. It may vary depending upon demographics, and personal preferences. Therefore, understand who your readers are and present the matter based on the pre-conceived understanding. Content personalization enhances customer experience and loyalty thereby increasing ROI. Newspaper establishments adopt Content personalization to suit their local audiences for example.

Build customer loyalty on authenticity and trust

Loyal customers generate revenue!! Loyal customers add value to your product or service. Loyal customers serve as your marketing agents, of course. And this remains true as long as you maintain the trust and loyalty of the customer. Keep your promises and offers to the customers and they will pay you back for sure!!

Think out of the (blogging) box

In the ever-changing digital scenario, people make use of multiple channels to read or understand about something. If you stick on to blogging alone, you are going to miss other promising platforms like Video and Audio marketing. Based on recent surveys conducted in the US, adults who belong to the age group of 20 to 30 spend almost 6 hrs on Video content alone. Podcasts, webinars and YouTube contents are promising, provided you have a dedicated technical team to manage and promote the content. In this smartphone age, video content has got a lot of potential. Google algorithms prefer well-optimized video contents and YouTube is now owned by Google. Dedicated YouTube channels attract and maintain loyal customers to a great extent.

Be aware of the changing trends and invest accordingly. Or else you may lag behind your competitors.

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