As a site owner you are looking to creating content which is going to drive people to your site, convert them to benefit you. However, there are some content pieces which might fail to do so. How do you make sure your site visitors are hooked to you? How do you ensure your site visitors are persuaded to follow you and your content and thereby turn your content into a profitable venture?

It might sound like a big deal to you, but trust us, it is not! You can write persuasive content. You can convert your visitors into leads. You can get that edge!


Here are four easy ways to writing content that converts!

  • Woo them with great titles

The best thing you can do to drive traffic your way is to woo your site visitors with the help of persuasive and enticing titles. The title holds a significant position in determining your position in the realm of web. It is a sure-shot way to influence any kind of engagement. Studies suggest 7 out of 10 people refuse to read your content if its title isn’t exciting enough.

Therefore, take help of tools to create captivating titles. This is the best way to go about with content management – attracting people with titles and headlines. Some tools like Headline Analyzer will not only help you generate an attractive title but will also report to you data and suggestions regarding the same. The tool will look at multiple factors to go the same. They will not only suggest captivating “How to’s” and other listicles, but will help you balance your words to make it more attractive. Apart from this, such tools also scan your titles to make sure they are easily comprehended by the readers and site visitors.

  • Equalize your efforts in your title.

Now that you put in so much hard work in your title, you should be looking forward to fulfilling your promise of a great title with quality content. Making people click on your content because of the title is job half-done, the rest depends on how engaging is your content. The quality your title displays should be displayed in the content throughout. This is a significant way of driving conversions your way. If this does not really happen, you could be seeing readers and site visitors abandoning your site content without engaging further.

Therefore, there are a few things you must keep in mind when drafting your content. Keep each and every line coherent with a purpose of giving productivity to your readers. Each sentence of your content should be structured in a way to make your readers read the next one with the same enthusiasm, till the end! As important as productivity and value of the content are, desire to read further is equally important.

  • Skimmed content goes a long way

In this day and age where people lose patience over every small thing, you shouldn’t expect them to devour your content with keenness and patience. A modern day site user spends approximately 15 seconds on a website, which means you only have 15 seconds to convince them to stay there for long. Unfair? Yes! But how fair is life?

This directly implies as a content marketer it is your duty to give people a chance to skim through your content as quickly as possible. Instead of making your readers read it word by word, make your content scannable.

Hard to scan content could bore your readers. So do long sentences and paragraphs. Your visitors would be more interested in sticking around for shorter yet meaningful sentences. If your content can be scanned in the shortest time possible and yet be interesting, there is no stoppage to you.

Scannable content can be brought to life with easy steps –

  • Shorter paragraphs, with about 3 to 4 sentences makes it digestable for people to consume.
  • Attractive headings and subheadings are the key to do it. Headings and subheadings make your content even more interesting and attractive. They are said to enhance the curiosity of a reader.
  • Last but not the least! Use bullets! Bulleted articles ensure that your content does not strain your reader’s brain too much. The content should be easy to skim through, and bullet points assist the same. Bullets stand out at all times, no matter how long or how short your content is.

Straight to action!

The last step you need to do in order to convert your visitors to leads is to attach actionable tasks towards the end of your content. An email newsletter and subscription form is the best way to do it. You are not only going to grow a community of visitors for yourself, but will be able to cater to the growing needs by generating interest among the people.

Here are a few tips you can go about with the same –

  • As a site owner you could create a premium library to increase your content value among the visitors. EBooks and other material can help you enhance your site experience and persuade your visitors to sign up and subscribe to your content.
  • Another strategy you could take up for doing the same is by growing your list of subscribers even further by making them sign up for other activities and lists, which is exclusive to them only and not to others. This is called Content Gating.
  • Offer relevant engaging content at the end of your content free for download or share by exchanging their email address in return. Your visitors’ email addresses is going to create a directory for you, so you can enhance your conversions and boost your rankings.

These 4 steps have been curated specially for you by the best content writing companies in Dubai. Content writing services in Dubai are all about venturing out to find that edge in your content, that desire to invoke in your readers an emotional connectivity with you. Following these tips to curate quality content is going to help you in the long run not just for gaining site visitors but gaining conversions for a lifetime.