What if I say, things what your audience see on internet is not decided by them? Yes you heard it right! Their view had been influenced. The journey to become a successful entrepreneur is not easy in this competitive market. Have you ever thought why one of your dreamed business initiative is not giving you the expected Return on investment. The answer is very simple in a small question, how much is your effort to create your MARKET? Reaching out to the audiences in the market has always been a challenge for Businesses. There was a time for the entrepreneur’s reach out to customers door to door to introduce their business in the targeted market, which lost the relevance with the emerging technology and business Strategies.

The golden era of technology has opened the door for businesses to grow with the help of online channels to create new opportunities. But only keeping a website for your business isn’t sufficient effort made to get a good market for your business, that’s why a three letter word called `SEO is gaining much popularity now a days and becomes a part of modern business strategy. As of today there are more than 1 billion websites available on internet, among which how unique are your website? Here is the importance of the term SEO.

SEO in short for Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool which helps you to develop your business and can also be a platform between your business and customers. SEO as a tool helps your business to regulate traffics on the website and make your websites as the first choice for the search engine users. Search Engine Optimization, the methodology of technique, tactics and strategies behind this tool is to increase the amount of visitors to any particular website to obtain a higher ranking place in the search result page of any search engine channels available today which includes, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines too. Among 90 % of the internet users, more than 75% of user use only Google which makes Google the favorite platform for any business to grow and show their potential. But keep in mind the concept of SEO in not only for Google, it applies to all other search engines too. Getting into the first page of any search engine is not at all easy when the competition is really high, this happens when there are N number product and services in similar. In that case, the tool SEO will help you to frame or present your website in front of your audience in a very unique way.

According to the digital world there are mainly two types of SEO practices had been employed based on its nature, it is classified into two categories i.e. white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO

Normally, white hat SEO practices refers to any practice that have been employed to enhance your  search rankings in a search engine results page (SERP) while keeping the moral principles of your website and strictly abide by the search engine policies. Whereas black hat SEO on the other side is the practice usually employed to explore the loopholes and weaknesses in any search engine algorithms in order to achieve higher ranking in the search engine result pages. Thus the application under black hat SEO are considerably illegitimate. Some of the companies uses both white hat and black hat SEO. The combination of both white hat SEO and black hat SEO are called Grey Hat SEO.

On-page or Off-page Optimization?

These are types of SEO ruling in the current market. On page optimization refers to those elements that have a natural effect on your website or web-pages appearing on your search result. These elements can be managed by you and you can do some sort of coding on the page also, actual HTML code, keyword infusing in the right density & Meta tags can be considered as an examples for on page optimization. On the other hand, off page optimization refer to those element that can have a natural effect on your website or web-pages appearing on your search result but it cannot be controlled or managed by you. Star rating, building engagement by commenting, sharing and liking the post can be considered as an examples for off page optimization.

Some of the reasons why your business thoroughly needs SEO.

  • SEO set up great reliability & credibility.
  • Organic search is usually the pre-dominant source of website traffic.
  • Quality SEO also means effective & systematized user experience.
  • SEO influence the buying & selling process.
  • Maximum commitment, traffic and conversion through local SEO.
  • SEO perfect practices are being updated.
  • SEO creates new opportunities.
  • SEO is affordable.

Tell me one thing, as a search engine user when was the last time you have made a search for something and went to 2nd or 3rd pages of any of the search engines available today. Most of the users consider only the 1st page results reliable for the search they made, rest they ignore. Winners are on the first page, Where are you?