In the ever changing world of Google Algorithm updates, SEO techniques get impacted the most. With new updates in the algorithms rolling in almost every other day, we as digital marketers need to re-introduce our strategies to cope up with their versatility!

Even though there are probably hundreds of algorithm updates by Google till now, there are chances of new ones coming up anytime soon! Some updates change the way the search result pages look like, while the other updates could be hardly noticed by us. These algorithm updates are primarily responsible for how your website is going to be ranked on the search engine!

As an SEO strategist and a digital marketer, it is very important for you to keep up with every major and minor update that Google throws your way. New Algorithm updates means you get better ranking opportunities, complying with which could revolutionize the way you strategize your SEO plans.

Despite the frequent number of updates Google throws your way, the core search algorithm have not been updated by Google in a very long time. Similar is the case with SEO Core strategies. These are a few fundamentals that have been consistently making sure that your ranks are determined rationally and are not tweaked too much to go all over the place. These fundamentals are also the backbone of successful SEO strategies and digital marketing. Moreover, there are huge chances that these fundamentals are going to stay the same, for years to come!

Let’s have a look at these fundamentals!

  • Spider bots need to ‘crawl’ at all times!

This is one such feature that is probably never going to change. Google sends out bots, as soon as you fill your website with new content, which “crawl” through your website to see how your website should be ranked! This is the first step Google Algorithms take to organize its search engine results. Automated bots crawls various websites, at all times, index them and make them discoverable. If these “spiders” or “bots” cannot access your site, or cannot ‘see’ it, Goggle would not be able to index them and would not be able to be seen in the search engine results. This is why technical SEO holds a lot of importance in the life of a digital marketer. Technical SEO ensures not only your site is loading properly, but it can be accessed by bots and can be visible later on.

  • Layout and structure evaluation.

Apart from bots and ‘spiders’ crawling up the internet, trying to access your website, another factor which determines the visibility of your website is the layout and structure of the same. Google evaluated your website in accordance with multiple factors, after which your website is visible in search engine results. A very common example of this could be the description, meta-description and title of your site determine what place you should get in the search engine results. Another example for the same could be a structured markup to a specific content which determines its results on the search engine.

  • Quality content

A must for good rankings of search engine results page is quality and non-plagiarized content. For being visible on the internet easily, you need to focus on producing excellent content. However, your job is not limited to simply creating a good quality content, promoting it follows that.

Google is always aiming at bringing their users to good quality content. But what exactly counts as good quality content?

•Content which is long enough, about 800 words on a page.
•The content is readable and understandable by native English speakers.
•The content is filled with digestible headings and subheadings.
•The keyword density is optimally used.

Though Google has not confirmed such practices of “evaluating” quality and non-quality content, SEO experts though are of the opinion about good quality content. The more qualitative in nature your work and your content is, the higher are your rankings going to be. All the intricacies in this fundamental step depend on you!

  • Building up of trust through a wide network

Just like you do not trust the words of a single person when making a big decision about life, Google does not trust a single source when it comes to ranking your page. Google relies on a wide network to determine a website’s trustworthiness. Currently this is demonstrated through the use of multiple links on a website. The more links your website uses, the more trustworthy it is. However, these links must be trustworthy too. Your site’s popularity will be automatically determined because of this link building process. This process might have undergone multiple changes, but on a fundamental level it remains unchanged. By far, the best way to increase the ranking of your website and improve its authority, link building and its further Google network trustworthiness is verified by almost every SEO expert.

  • Cracking down schemers and manipulators.

Over the years, Google algorithm updates have modified and improved in their ability to detect and crack down all kinds’ spammers, schemers, and manipulators. Even since its inception, Google has been trying to fight against them. Pseudo search optimizers, link spammers, keyword stuffing, fake link schemes, even hidden keywords have been on Google’s radar for a long time now. These manipulators have been putting in their efforts to boost their website rankings and popularity. Not only Google adopts fundamental policies to track them and further take them down, but also it rewards the sites that do not depend on such fraudulent means.

Google is inclined to the websites which tend to add value to the world of internet and also to the lives of the users. If you do however, get caught while undergoing these fraudulent means you are going to pay the price for the same. This fundamental might not have changed as far as its core structure is concerned, but certain tweaks have been modified to make it sophisticated and convenient.

Google Algorithms are updated almost every month, several times every year, however following these principles is going to consistently help you and your website achieve success. Other factors might change, there might be new algorithms, but these fundamentals can never be altered. Building effective and sustainable SEO techniques by focusing on these five fundamentals might bring you the necessary results which nothing else could ever do!