What is the need of search engine optimisation? Why is it so essential to optimise your site? Well, SEO not only finds your website but also ranks your website to a certain level so that your website gives relevant information to the visitors. Do you know like you many people turn their heads up and down to make their website visible? Thus, this SEO process requires regular maintenance and monitoring.

How to tune and maintain your website then? Here are some of tips that can help you to optimise your website according to search engines:

  • Analyse each and everything from scratch:
  1. If you really want your website to stand apart then you need a good analytical data on text and code of your website. This will help to analyse your position in search engine.
  2. There is a way lot competition than you really think. What you need to do is analyse your competitors websites and find the content keywords mentioned in those websites.
  3. The best way to increase your search engine ranking is to examine top 5 ranked websites in Google and start from there.
  4. Don’t forget to note what customers’ type when they try to find your business. Mention those keywords in your website. Thus, your target should be to do a good market research.
  • A good research and development team is necessary for finding keywords:
  1. The first thing you can start with is to identify the keywords that are important for your website content. Prepare a good list of those keywords.
  2. While researching keywords don’t forget the competitors list.
  3. Position your business according to you. Well, you know where you stand in the competition. You need to work accordingly for your ranking.
  4. You should keep a track on the visitors visiting your website.
  5. Your ranking acts as an indicator. Thus, fully use it to check your progress on search engine.
  6. Prepare an aim! This is really important because if today 50 people visit your website tomorrow 100 people will visit it with clear objective or goal!
  • Optimisation of your content is really necessary:
  1. Start with the creation of pave titles that include keywords. This would definitely help to increase your website ranking.
  2. Inclusion of keyword phrases in source code and web content may really benefit your website.
  3. What we suggest is to make the work of search engines easier. Your website should have both HTML as well as XML version so that it can be submitted easily.
  • Continuous testing is the key:
  1. How to know whether your methods are right or wrong? Analyse the visitors visiting your website to know whether your prepared list of keywords is working.
  2. Note everything in an excel sheet so that you can track your results timely.
  3. Maintenance of website is very necessary. Modify the content of website timely so that your website is always optimised.
  4. Blogs can also result to a great amount of web traffic. Thus, improve your website ranking through blog posts.