A brand is essentially what customers “think about” when they hear your company’s name! it’s like a “mental image” that crops up when you hear any “word”.

A brand is the identity you carve out for yourself. It’s a space that you “claim” for your business amidst a digital and experience-led economy.

So, the essential question to ask here is, can a designer make a brand? He certainly can create the right logo, use right photos, and so on. But the thing to remember is simple – only an audience can create a brand, by the power of perceiving what you stand for.

A successful branding strategy requires a company to create a consistent voice, that resonates in all its marketing initiatives, and showcases the values and aims that a business stands for.

Brand building at the times of digital marketing is an all-comprehensive process. It requires a well-crafted branding strategy that incorporates it all; creation of a logo design, photography, print design, making use of the brand’s video and so on.

Let’s look at some of the most important facets of a branding strategy :

  • Logo Design: A logo is essentially a symbol, a mark, or an icon that identifies your business. To design a logo is much more than placing a brand’s image in a square. And is a business best left to a web designer!
  • Corporate Presentation: While a logo is just a symbol, a corporate presentation narrates your brand’s story, and background to create a brand’s image. Don’t just use a rushed set of slides, to narrate such an important aspect of your brand to the clients – a unique story that sets you apart in your industry.
  • Video Production: Trying to get noticed in the tough waters of social media advertising? Use the propelling medium of video content to share your brand’s story. More and more users are turning to infographics and videos to connect, and so should you!
  • Photography : More and more designers are using the compelling power of photography for branding and storytelling. A photo conveys a meaning that doesn’t require words, and a meaning that’s emotional. In branding, photography is about conveying that emotional meaning to an audience who’s waiting to be pulled-in to hear your brand’s story.
  • Packaging design: A human’s memory responds to a special experience. That’s exactly why a whooping $150 billion are spent on package designing by brands worldwide. Once your product is on the shelf, the packaging is probably the last marketing voice a consumer will hear. Make it an audible one!
  • Print Design: A creative design can create a distinctive brand identity that’s memorable and appeals to the senses. Getting a definitive print designing team is an important part of a comprehensive branding campaign.

The journey from just a “name” to a “brand” that establishes authority, is the story we’re interested to create. We work with clients who can take solid and bold branding decisions to convey a strong-memorable branding experience for a client.