Corporate Presentation

Corporate presentations are tools used by companies to get their message out to an audience. Communication has become critical in this age and every company aims to strike the right chord with their stakeholders. Since competition is also high, they wish to have the edge in all the aspects over their competitors.

Presentations are something that puts the company on the public map. If done right, it gives the company a reason to be proud for.

Here is why presentations are important in the corporate world :

  • Presentations essentially portray the image of the company to a wider audience. It acts as a flagbearer for the company’s reputation to external parties.
  • It is generally lucid and aims at fulfilling a specific business objective. It could be sales, marketing, investor meeting or even publishing periodical results of the company.
  • Saves time. Time is gold in business. Presentations are usually planned and to-the-point which saves a lot of time which otherwise would be wasted in talking and socialising.
  • Helps audience be focused to what is being told. Since presentations involve a lot of visual and some audio output, it keeps the audience from getting distracted and helps the content to get right to their minds.

A lot has been said and done on presentations. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what is to be done and not done in a presentation, it helps to follow certain ground rules to get the maximum out of every presentation :

  1. Keep the number of slides to a bare minimum. Too many slides will tire the audience out.
  2. Do not overpopulate the slides. The slide is just a prompt for you to talk. It shouldn’t be read out like a speech.
  3. Keep the contents simple.
  4. If possible include short videos on the topic, to break the monotony.
  5. Include graphs and numbers to make the presentation authentic and evidence based.
  6. Use a light colour background without many design elements.
  7. Choose your font carefully. Font to an extent, conveys the seriousness of the business and the presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been the go-to tool for creating presentation over the years. But, in recent times, many online tools have made inroads to providing better presentation solutions. Some of them are listed below.

  • Google Slides
  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Prezi
  • Zoho Show

That all said, presentations are effective only when accompanied by a striking address. If the focus was just the presentation, it would be better to hand them out like bills and leave them at that. But, every company has a goal to achieve and presentations help them go the extra mile to make the journey appealing to a wider audience.