A great photograph conveys a lot, and in the right spirit!

Corporate photography is billions dollar enterprise. And rightly so!

Just like other aspects of branding, photography plays a creative part by creating and conveying a distinct personality of your brand.

A photograph does speak louder than the words! And more so, when the idea is to carve out a brand’s identity in the market.

Budgeting for a professional photographer is also crucial, if you wish to take the marketing campaign up a notch.

So, how does photography help your brand building campaign?

  • It presents a professional image: A business can’t be taken seriously if it is not displaying a professional outlook. Any image that isn’t concentrated to convey the essential spirit of your brand in a professional manner should not be used.
  • A great image is going to be embedded in a customer’s memory: That’s the power of creativity! When a prospective customer stumbles upon your site through a PPC campaign, or via social media referrals, a great image can get embedded in their memory. A customer is essentially interested in knowing “you”. And when you share the actual pictures of you, your team, office, you’re giving them a chance to remember what you stand for as a company.
  • Search Engine Optimized images improve your search engine rankings: The power of optimized images in an SEO campaign is hugely underestimated. SEO basically optimizes diverse elements of your site, and a picture is one of such element. An optimized picture will help your site rank higher on Google and other search engines.
  • Investing in business portrait or headshot brings results: Business websites use headshot or business portrait for a number of places; site, brochures, business cards, and social media profiles. The business portraits portray a great first impression, and is being increasingly seen across social media and other online platforms. A professional headshot kind of reinforces your brand’s seriousness towards building a professional image.

A warning :

Stock photos will hurt your brand’s image: Stock images are easy to find, and look professional. But humans are visual beings. And are capable of memorizing an image once they see it. It is fine to use the stock pics for blog posts, but using the same to showcase a brand’s image is not usually recommended.

Case Example: National Geographic is probably the loudest example of a popular photographic campaign. Just look at the cover, and you’ll notice a vibrant and in-motion killing shot of an animal or a distinct landscape. The photos are so consistent in their energy, and wildness, that you can pick a Nat Geo picture from a sea of 1000 others!

Branding is an all comprehensive term that includes diverse facets. And photography is one component of building a brand that’s probably most powerful.

So, when it comes to the photography, let an SEO optimized photograph do the talking part, and engage the audience in a compelling manner.

Meanwhile, you can focus on the other elements of brand building that need little more personal initiative from your end.