CMS Solutions

Content Management Systems (CMS) are inevitable for any company looking to grab the Social Media space. CMS these days come with a lot of tools to create, publish and manage content. Some tools also allow creating content with multimedia components that are immersive.

A company is primarily identified by its brandname,trademark and website. In an internet-driven world, owing a website is similar to having a registered address for a company. The user interface and the updation of the website and its social media engagements help a company score a good image with the users.

For a company that operates largely in the internet space, CMS is crucial. With monetizing options based on the number of likes and comments on social media posts becoming the norm, companies compete with each other based on the content that they publish.

Some features that any company would look for in a CMS are :

  • Creation of quirky and immersive social media content. Companies aim to reach the customer at the most personal level, which would guarantee them the benefit of customer’s memory and curiosity. For such companies, their content going viral is of utmost importance.
  • Basic data analysis capabilities. Measuring the performance of a particular post to review the shortfalls and improve is possible only when the CMS comes with built in tools to measure and give the data.
  • Customisable customer engagement. Not engaging with a trade enquiry or grievance in minutes will lead to loss of customer and consequentially loss of reputation. Hence companies would like to set up tools to provide a pop-up response on a ping.
  • Geolocation of clicks, thereby helping the company to target the customers in a particular region.

There are decent CMS tools in the market that provide content management solutions to the market :

  • Hootsuite provides multiple accesses to the CMS, enabling collaboration. It also helps track the social media mentions of a brand and thereby inform the company for strategic targeting of content.
  • Sprinklr is a comprehensive application that helps in creating, scheduling, publishing, managing and analysing content. It also has tools to create and run social media campaigns, advertisements and marketing and data visualisation.
  • WordPress is a content tool that helps in creating and publishing blogposts. The various plugins available in the application, its simple user interface and its huge developer base makes it an instant favourite for companies that need basic CMS.
  • Building a website has been made easier with tools like Joomla. It provides a free trial version for a short period to test the functions and the website following which it can be upgraded to a premium version with more capabilities.
  • If you want a professional intervention in creating your own websites, companies like ZOHO help you in it. They also provide round-the-clock customer service using remote connection.

In an era of competition by content, CMS becomes an important tool. With more people being pulled into mobile data and social media presence, it is important to have fluid content that works equally well in every platform irrespective of the device.