Concrete5 Website Customization

Your Content Management System is where your marketing crusade begins.

Sometimes, why a consumer keeps coming back to one store for all the purchases when so many others keep opening up isn’t only about the quality of a product… Online shopping is about creating that wonderful digital experience that pulls a consumer right in, giving him the sensual experience of tasting the forbidden fruit (of being a shopaholic).

Concrete5 is one such open source CMS that was introduced way back in 2008. The CMS has been a frontrunner among other premiere web publishing platforms. A content management system that’s easy to install (one click installs also possible), Concrete5 is popular for its “on the page editing option”. The content can be arranged and re-arranged, and amalgamate with a background theme. This and much more, with a CMS like this, be rest assured about a surge in conversions.

Why to opt for Concrete5 CMS?

  • Simple editing: Point and click, that’s how easy editing is on Concrete5. No need to learn coding. Explore your creativity to the highest limits.
  • SEO tools: The CMS is search engine optimized and gives access to handy tools.
  • It’s secure: Cutting edge technology ensures that your data is safe and secure.
  • End-to-end support for app development by the Concrete5 team.
  • Interface to build online magazines, ecommerce sites, extranets, intranets and so on.
  • The “free” open source is going to stay “free”. There’s no enterprise version to upgrade to, so you will get all the functionality.

Why choose us?

  • BlueChip team is a litany of members, each expert in a specific field. The experts have worked for clients across the industry, and know what’s the best for you.
  • The cutting-edge solutions we offer are some of very best in the industry.
  • We cater to diverse clientele and offer a range of services: branding, web app development, web designing, CMSs, EPR,
  • Let us choose the kind of CMS that suits your business as per your infrastructure stack and other considerations. With us, you can swiftly adapt to a CMS and expand your possibilities.

What BlueChip offers?

  • A team of specialized agents, each one a specialist in his own right, at your disposal. Enquire and we have all the patience to give you the best solutions.
  • A range of services to choose from: digital marketing, branding, ecommerce solutions, and so on.
  • A team of efficient, self-enthused, and laborious tech staff whom you can depend on for web app development process.
  • Great service at competitive rate, but an experience worth returning to.
  • Free SEO audit and competition analysis for your website. Enjoy the many benefits that come with the SEO report.

With BlueChip as your partner, you get a composite marketing package, all at one place. Allow us to plan out a viable marketing strategy that encompasses it all: digital marketing solutions, branding, e-commerce solutions, and so on. Write to us or call us, and give your brand a boost that it deserves.