Custom CMS

You know that the online market is full of open source Content management systems and people have many ways towards the different CMS’s. Then what can Custom CMS do? Why to use Custom CMS? Well, the answer is neither as simple as you think nor its that difficult!

You might have seen major websites on Internet. Many sites just explain their services to people and have a simple blog. What about the people that don’t want to use the functionalities that WordPress or any other CMS offers? What about them who don’t want to use all of their budget into the different software? What about them who want to use their budget in SEO and sophisticated design? All these questions summarize into just one answer that is Custom CMS.

What you need to know about Custom CMS?

  • It depends solely on your needs!
  • If development is done in a proper manner then Its easier and quicker to use custom based web solution.
  • If you are looking for a very basic website then we don’t recommend Custom CMS for your site.
  • Business professionals generally use Custom CMS for their website.
  • If you want to use a high performance website, then the website is said to be custom application with a good set of requirements and SEO functionalities.

What to choose a Custom CMS when Open Source CMS is available?

This is one of the important question that needs to be answered. When you go through both the advantages you would realize that there is no correct answer to this question but yes we can say that it depends on which type of business you have. What type of team you have and what they need from the CMS solution.

What is an Open Source CMS?

In an open source CMS like WordPress or Drupal, the underlying code is available publicly and is easy to edit. They can be copied and modified for as many applications as we want. The community owns it and frequently updates the software to add new features into it.

What is Custom CMS?

It is not owned by any community but it’s created for the use of one company. The firm that builds it for your company can update it. It means that your company has full control over it. Custom solution is designed to satisfy specific needs of your company.

How to choose if you are confused between them?

  • Know whether your company has enough resources to make most out of open source platform. Analyse whether your company has the expertise to evaluate functionalities in-house. If you don’t have in-house resources then go for Custom solution.
  • You should know how your marketing works. Whether your marketing team can manage the CMS without external support! See that the type of CMS you are choosing for web solution is not too technical for your marketing team.
  • Budget is the main factor that may change your decision for CMS solution. Open Source CMS solutions are very cheap but you may need an IT department to handle the system. Custom CMS have less maintenance costs! You also need to consider whether the Custom CMS is built in-house or by any firm.

Blue Chip Custom CMS Solution for your company :

  • We develop website as per your business requirements and the workflow followed by your business.
  • We assure you that our CMS solution will be higher in performance than an open source CMS.
  • Our website will be specified to your business. Our UX and UI design will be irresistible.
  • Our Custom CMS solution will give you SEO enriched content that will out power your site.