Joomla Website Customization

Joomla! is one of the most flexible software packages used to create, manage and publish content for websites, e-zines, internet and mobile applications. Joomla! is a leading software package that helps running businesses of any size and sector.

Like any other mainstream content management software, Joomla! has enviable features that set it apart from other packages in the market :

  • It supports multilingual content in it. Flexibility with languages throws open a wide range of possibilities with respect to audience and contributors.
  • It has its own customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities leading to higher page ranking in Google Search and increased traffic.
  • It offers cache management functions which helps speed up the website.
  • User Management is a special feature in Joomla!, which helps manage different user groups that can view or interact with the content.
  • Joomla! has a messenger tool for page administrators.

Besides serving as a full-blown CMS, Joomla! also enables website building on its platform. Joomla! alone caters to around 9 per cent of the CMS users worldwide.

Such leadership can only emerge with strongpoints in the product like :

  • Joomla! is perfectly suitable to create websites, blogsites, e-commerce pages and online booking pages. It can also be used to create and publish magazines. Versatility is a strong USP for Joomla!.
  • It is free. There are no hidden fees, no huge upfront costs and no licensing fees.
  • The rich extension database in Joomla! is a treasure for users looking to expand their website functionalities.
  • Free support in relation to procedural and operational glitches. Joomla! enjoys the patronage of thousands of kickass developers who are constantly working to improve the user experience of Joomla!. Hence help and support is available 24*7
  • It is easily scalable. Since businesses grow and the websites need to grow along, it is essential for the core code to be scalable to support traffic. Websites created with Joomla platform are scalable which is evident from the fact that many websites of big industry players run on Joomla!. It is that dependable.
  • Front-end editing possible in Joomla!. One need not suffer the pain of going to the back-end to edit any content.

That said, Joomla! also has compatibility issues with plugins. Some plugins run only on Linux and some work with any other server or Operating System.

Shortcomings aside, Joomla! is a cool tool to build a website with since it has all the basic features aspired by the users of CMS.