You might have heard about WordPress. The easiest CMS for creating websites. Woo-Commerce can be called as a free plugin of WordPress that was invented to give e-store facility to the people on WordPress sites. WordPress essentially has achieved heights by creating a plugin that offers everything like an e-commerce software and thus Woo-Commerce has become one of the best e-commerce solutions for many businesses. Across 1.8 million users have an access to Woo-commerce store. It is said to be an open source platform that gives user friendly experience to everyone. Any start-up can go with Woo-commerce platform for its online business without much effort.

Best things about Woo-commerce that your business should know about :

  • Free! Free! Everything is just FREE! : The word FREE itself is a boon if one hears it. Nothing costs you free if you are looking to develop an e-commerce store. But, Woo-commerce exceptional gives you everything freely. Drawbacks of all e-commerce platforms are that they are very costly for start-ups and thus Woo-Commerce comes with a boast because its free to download. The best thing is that despite being free of cost, its features are nothing less than any e-commerce software. Its flexible, has best extensions, offers everything that is offered by any costly e-commerce software. Then why not go for Woo-Commerce?
  • Flexibility for product management : The products can be managed very easily. You know how WordPress works! Woo-commerce is the same, you need not know much about technical side but you can manage everything well. Products are classified on their own, you can give prices on the products, you can add attributes to the products etc. In short you can sell any type of product with an ease. Woo-commerce is highly flexible to sell physical, downloadable, external or any kind of product.
  • More or less, its just up to you : Woo-commerce know your comfort zones very well and that is why it does not force its users to use much of it. Its on you how you want your site to be. If you want your site to be a site with a good blog and little bit of product selling then you can customise it accordingly. WordPress has made its plugin very presentable which offers new dimensions to any kind of website.
  • Easier for users : The concept of Woo-commerce is all about being friendly and how is it so? The users that had developed their sites on WordPress can have benefit of just installing Woo-commerce plugin and take the benefit of an online store. It can make great way for the start-ups.
  • Exceptional customisation options : Though Woo-commerce is a free platform but it doesn’t mean that it’s a rigid one! You can make your online store very unique through different customisation options available on Woo-commerce platform. There are numerous themes that you can choose and customise it the way you want!
  • A combo of professionalism and simplicity : It’s free but its professional too. You can easily track your customers through different tools, open previous orders, review things, apply discounts, manage inventories, shipping options etc. All these professional e-commerce solutions can be handled in a very simple way.
  • Hundreds of extensions to add different features : What people want is number of features that make their site different and this is what woo-commerce offers. It helps to easily set up an e-store and include different functionalities by adding extensions the way they want.

There are numerous reasons to go with Woo-Commerce.

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