Are you looking for one of the best software solutions for your e-commerce store? Software features that really makes your e-store the best? Then here we offer great solution to your e-store through x-cart. Let’s learn something about it. Its very different from our other e-commerce services. What you need to know about x-cart store is that you need to purchase a lifetime license with the software. The important thing about this software is that there is only the initial purchasing cost and no other additional costs are involved above it.

What all you need to know before purchasing x-cart software?

  • You need to purchase lifetime license with the software.
  • Standard hosting plan is provided by x-cart.
  • 2GB of storage is available with this hosting plan.
  • You don’t have to worry about the bandwidth or product limit.
  • Adding products, images and texts onto it is very easy and its easy for the person to manage it without any technical help.
  • The customisation of your site will be in your hands because you can edit everything in the preview ( HTML and CSS editor)
  • There are only four free templates available but you can purchase templates that suits your business.
  • An additional fee is charged if you want faster downloads for the customers.
  • Built-in blog can be used with x-cart.
  • The check out process for x-cart based websites are very simple and easy to use in mobile devices.
  • It has 75 payment gateways in its hands. Thus, its easier for people and for you to maintain it.
  • The best service which it provides is the integration of it with amazon and e-bay which are the most popular e-commerce stores. With this type of integration you can directly sell your products through them and track your sales in a very easy manner.
  • If you would need any help regarding maintenance of your x-cart store, then live chat is available on its website. You can take help through it.
  • There is no limit to the e-mail accounts you access with x-cart.
  • Provides TLS 1.2 encryption which no other e-commerce store provides you.
  • You need to be aware of the costs it offers you because it provides everything with monthly fee. Thus, its suitable for big businesses.

Now you know all about this but is that enough? What makes it so special than other e-commerce stores? Why to prefer it on other e-stores?

Let’s talk about advantages of choosing x-cart :

  • Shopping Features that make it unique: X-cart offers unique shopping features for its customers. You can sell each of your product services as well as downloads to the people with an ease. Its not only easy for you but its also easy for the customers you deal with as it helps them to compare products easily and add a review to it. It also provides the best integration with major payment gateways as well as social media networks.
  • Easier on the users end: X-cart is not only beneficial on merchant point of view but its also easier to be used on customer’s point of view. It offers responsive templates that are easier to be used on mobiles, tablets etc. It makes easier for the users to operate the site on their mobile devices.
  • Easy management : On merchant’s point of view, x-cart offers easy management. The owner can see detailed product statistics and easily maintain the stock. Also, it beautifully keeps track on every sale through its great shopping features. You can also put different prices for the same product for different customers. Thus, x-cart can be a smart choice on your point of view!
  • Guaranteed security : It is 100% PCI-DSS compliant. Thus, we can say it offers guaranteed security than other e-commerce stores. You can backup your system well without any loss of data.

You can contact Blue Chip support for further help regarding x-cart e-store. Our team will guide you on the suitable e-commerce solution for your business.