Zen Cart

What is Zen Cart? By the name its very clear that it is one of the e-commerce platform which helps you to create an e-commerce store! We can say that it is a PHP/MySQL based open source e-commerce solution that helps you to build up an online presence for your business.

What makes it different from others?

It works from developers point of view as its free development source code helps to customize the whole site greatly. In other words we can say that it’s the most flexible e-commerce platform. What makes it different is its development perspective because designers and programmers across the world prefer it for customising sites. Not only this, its various features offer robust benefits to the merchants.

Yes, we are not denying that its similar to other e-commerce platform but every platform has its advantages over others and the same goes with zen cart.

Why to go with Zen Cart?

  • You are the one who controls everything: You might have seen many e-commerce platforms and you might have not liked the idea of giving the host server authority to them. We love the thing which is under our control. This is what Zen cart offers to you! Yes, it’s the freedom to host your e-store on any server. Thus, its very clear that you have full control on your store.
  • No need of being too technical: What users are looking these days is that they want a quick setup which is easy and does not require any technical knowledge about building an e-store. It comes with e-commerce features that are easy for non technical users to operate.

The exceptional features :

  • Its multiple language options helps it to be user friendly.
  • Your e-commerce store can be very competitive with other stores through Zen cart as it provides numerous add-ons on its platform so that it can offer everything that user wants in its website.
  • The best thing about zen cart is that it makes its space for you. You can add unlimited products on your store.
  • The payment options are varied. You can apply its default payment gateway or integrate payment gateway for your store.
  • You know the online presence of your e-store! Thus, its up to you to customize your store according to the country you sell your products. It helps you to customize the store according to the country you want your product to be sold.
  • Everything you want can be achieved through Zen cart. The time zone, payment options, currencies, taxes and languages. You can change everything according to your need.

Tracking your performance is very easy :

By now you know that its very simple to create a Zen cart store but do you know that tracking the performance of your e-store is as simple as that. Its extraordinary functions helps you to track your best selling products. Its very obvious that the tracking results will allow you to know the growing demand of certain products on users end. You will know how much people prefer certain products and the search results will be in your hands. The tracking will help you to know the performance of your site. You can track the valid customers and send them email newsletters, gift coupons, etc to boost your business.

Why was Zen cart created?

Zen cart split itself from Os-commerce in 2003 and was created to make everything easy for shoppers and the merchants. It’s a basic management system that brings an easy maintenance to store owners.

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