E-commerce revolutionized the way we do business, shop and meet consumers!

M-commerce or mobile commerce is the generation next of e-commerce. Coined by K Duffey in 1997, mobile commerce refers to “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology”

It is pertinent to see that the potential of m-commerce has already taken a lead in the key sectors like banking, telecom, and IT sectors. Mobile money transfers, mobile ticketing, mobile marketing, mobile banking, mobile brokerage, it’s all going in “the mobile way”.

So, here we are, witnessing a phenomenal change in dynamics; the way the bills are paid, the way the business is done, and the way the whole spectrum of business processes will transform, even if gradually.

The shift from desktop to mobile device is quick and needs an urgent look :

  • Did you know that in 2017, over 2 billion people made an m-commerce transaction via a mobile device or a tablet?
  • The statistic is true considering the fact that more than 90% mobile internet users look up at the “local information” if they want to contact a business for a service/product.
  • Customers who purchased a product/service through a tablet or smartphone has almost doubled, decreasing the numbers who bought from a PC/laptop.

For a company, the figures translate to taking a re-look at the marketing expenses, and the need to invest in enhancing the mobile website experience of a user. A customer is right now looking for a service, or a product, and has possibly reached your site via social media referral.

An unresponsive mob site might push the customer away from you, far away from a place where he/she may ever listen to your marketing screams anymore!

Need for a mobile site for a small business owner! :  A mobile responsive site or a mobile app is increasingly being use to pay the bills, and shop online. Mobile responsiveness and mobile app development are the key parameters of m-commerce, and need to be addressed if a company wants to take a lead in the world of Internet Marketing.

As more retailers make use of mobiles or tablets to imitate in-store experience of a customer, and encourage point-of-sale shopping, the need to invest a fair share in the mobility solutions is a must.

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