Newsletter and Email Marketing

Social media, search engine optimization, m-commerce, there’s been a breakthrough in marketing channels across the Internet. Where does this leave the traditional email marketing? No where, some might say.

But that’s not completely true. A cost-effective solution that allows a brand to reach out to a place a customer visits daily, the art of email marketing and newsletter is alive and thriving. Here’s

  • More than 90 percent customers in the US opted to receive promotional emails and newsletters (Marketing Sherpa).
  • A record 205 billion emails are sent out daily.
  • A record 44% email recipients purchased atleast one item via a promotional email (Convince and Convert).

Basically, when a customer fills up an online or offline form during a purchase, and gives up his/her telephonic details and email ID, a business entity is given a fine opportunity to start a targeted marketing campaign.

So, here’s a little more information on why you should start an email marketing campaign :

  • It’s a targeted campaign: Email marketing the direct opposite of a non-targeted campaign like social media campaigns. The customer who’s willingly shared his/her ID wants to hear from you, and longs to hear from you – discount deals, end-of-season deals, and much more!
  • Measurable metrics to calculate the real profits: While analytics can get all confusing and technical in other spheres of Internet marketing, it’s easy to draw precise and measurable metrics during an email marketing campaign: open rates, click to deliver rates, and so on.
  • Newsletter is a great way to stay connected: More customers receive newsletters than one-on-one emails. If a brand follows email best practices, and stays connected with a customer, the chances of another lead get maximized.

Creating a newsletter is a cost-effective practice. One dollar spent on creating a newsletter typically gives a $50 return. As a brand that’s probably just started its journey, this comes as a huge ROI for the marketing effort.

The art of email marketing basically plays on the ”impulsive side” of a customer, when he/she instantly clicks on a discount coupon or a special promotion.

Why is BlueChip the marketing advisor you need for an email marketing campaign?

  • We’re an all comprehensive digital marketing service provider: newsletter and email marketing, SEO, e-commerce solutions, m-commerce solutions, and so on.
  • We provide cutting-edge marketing solutions based on study, knowledge, and come with a background of 15 years in the industry.
  • We devise a strategic plan for each of our customers, based on their individual requirement . Our team of developers, designers, and digital marketers are here to give you all the support, tools and training that you need.

The digital era is an open source era. You’ve got it all, the technology, cutting-edge solutions, the online platform. In the ever changing digital era, all a business requires to expand is by experimentation. If email marketing is something that you’ve not yet started, now is the time to try out this cost-effective practice. When you’ll work with a trusted and experience marketing advisor, you’ll be able to generate a long-lasting authority in the market.