Do you have a dental practice website? Here’s how Bluechip Digital delivers effective SEO for dentists, included as part of our service based on the Service Plan you choose. It’s important to ask the right questions to your seo company Dubai to get money’s worth for your dental practice and we don’t just stop at SEO, instead we take care entire digital campaign to ensure that our clients are visible across all channels.

Search Engine Optimization is now a necessity for everyone; online stores, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, travel etc. Any business that wants to thrive in today’s competitive world, needs to be at the top of the search engine results.

It’s easy to get a realistic assessment of your clinic’s visibility on Google in your city – Search Google for dental clinic + name of your city. A series of listings appear, and if your name isn’t listed anywhere, you’re losing patients as we speak!  A comprehensive SEO audit of your business’ online profile is how you can get started.


Step one is a comprehensive SEO audit:

Well you can do it on your own! When you get into it, you’ll notice that the search engine’s ranking is just one aspect of an all comprehensive SEO marketing campaign.

The Google Analytics Tool provides the “real data” that will give you a perspective on the actual gains you’ve made through your marketing campaign. Google Analytics tool presents valuable data: CTR, CPC, unique visitors, search engine traffics, and the other relevant data.

Your in-house SEO team can work upon creating a comprehensive SEO campaign on the basis of the data, or you can hire an expert!

Find the right set of “Keywords”!

A  SEO dental clinics Campaign can have 2 set of keywords:

  • Looking for a reputable dental clinic
  • Research on dental conditions and other information

While the keyword optimization for dental conditions is a job, a blogger will do for you, your key area of focus is on optimizing your site for customers who’re searching or looking for a dental clinic.

Optimize the keywords for “My Business Page” on Google:

The “My business Page” on Google is what comes up in the Google Map results for dental hiring searches. An SEO optimized page will give your business the visibility that it needs to get listed on the top.

Devise a solid local SEO strategy:

Just like all the other businesses that thrive online, dental clinics need to be at the top of their game – search higher on Google in local SEO results!

Google toolbar is the new yellow pages! Did you know that 95% customers search for local businesses online?

We search it all online; how to loose weight, where to shop for a tie, or the best dentist in Dubai. And, even if you’re a reputable doctor who gets a lot of referrals, chances to convert the referrals to actual customers can gradually decline if your clinic’s site is not locally listed and optimized.

Quick results-driven strategy!

An Search Engine Optimization campaign takes at least 6 months to deliver results, but local Search Engine Optimization is comparatively quicker in bringing the desired results.

Key aspects of Search Engine Optimization campaign that a professional service provider will focus on:

  • On-page SEO
  • Lead generation
  • Off-page SEO

SEO is well and thriving, even if few cynics point out its irrelevance at times. The idea to get listed in the local results, or to get the main web pages optimized as per market’s competitiveness, is an idea that’s relevant and important, and will be so in the future.