SEO for restaurants involves some tricks and tips so that search engine shows the best for your restaurant. Let’s see the tips of SEO restaurants website:


For the success story of anything, strategy should be properly defined. If SEO restaurants strategy is properly defined, it would definitely lower the competition and bring a good amount of traffic to your restaurant website. For the success of a restaurant website, you should know the geographical area of your customers. Knowing about your customers will help you to sharpen your strategies.

You should know everything about your target customers. Know the keywords they type to reach your website. You can take the help by google keyword planner to know the keyword terms. You can plan your strategy of keyword terms by following levels:

  • High level terms: You can set the general variations to the restaurant terms by knowing what all your restaurant is about. The high level restaurant terms are the most generic variant terms that any searcher uses.
  • Categorized terms: This restaurant term is niche specific which means that it specifies the category your restaurant falls into. Each restaurant has a unique feature and highlighting that unique feature makes it niche specific. Here you can take the help of Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.
  • Know your Brand: You should know the number of people searching for your restaurant. You can use it to compare it to high level restaurants. Its your responsibility to ensure that your site does enough to rank the list.
  • Local search may definitely help you:

Your data must be standardized and the listings should be relevant across the local search properties. What is the critical foundation element of any local SEO? It is the accuracy of name, address and phone number. You can also include business descriptions and business categories for your keyword research.

  • Use social media as a weapon:

What do customers expect from your restaurant? This can be better understood only through social media engagement. Social media helps to connect directly with the customers. The need is to develop the best social media strategy so that customers can inquire each and everything through it. Your customer service through social media can directly influence the SEO of your restaurant. The key of social media is to find your audience, get them engaged so that they can influence others too. When you improve your social media presence you would see a good increase in visitors of your website.

  • Strive hard for good reviews:

If you are really trying to make your restaurant shine then you need to encourage reviews and testimonials from customers. People generally look forward to restaurants that have good ratings. The best way to increase the ratings can be through social media. Star ratings are definitely important and you can have star ratings appear on search results through the use of structured data mark-up. If ratings are not your cup of tea then you can also go with the review strategy. Remember that high the reviews and ratings automatically results in high click through rate.

  • Creative content is all what you need:

You know that you have more competition in this field and you need to survive this competition. This can be achieved through a unique content on your website. Creativity is what differentiates you and to attract customers you need a compelling content. Not only this, you also need a helpful content that guides your customers. Remember you want to be a brand because it’s something that increase your rankings. Your content needs to include the things about chefs, the interesting recipes, unique features etc. about your restaurant.

  • Make sure you give every information about your restaurant:

Search engines generally search for terms like geographic area and the area you serve. Let your everyone know where your restaurant is and what does it serve. Localisation of content may help a lot to increase the search engine ranking. Tie your content with a community so that out of town visitors understand where your restaurant is and can easily find its location of they search the restaurants in your area.

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