Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that makes websites search engine-friendly. Why should websites be search engine-friendly? It helps in search engines like Google and Bing to recognize them, acknowledge their presence and lead visitors by their way.

Millions of people use Google search per minute. They are all looking for something. Something that they need and would help them achieve something. They are looking for information. This information must be relevant and correct. Search Engine Optimization helps websites to feature in the search results list so that people looking for them could click on them.

Schools also require SEO for their websites. More and more people are queuing up to know the best schools in their neighborhood. Schools compete with each other to offer the best for children at attractive fees.

Increased competition has only ended up increasing the fight for eyeballs. Schools these days have good websites that are updated with their achievements and salient features which are specific to them.


  • Higher competition between schools have led to a virtual war for attention. SEO enabled page ensures to get a fair share of traffic which might end up in conversion in due course.
  • SEO ensures quality in the page more often than not. Since SEO rankings are awarded based on quality and relevance, the pages are generally kept polished and real.
  • SEO enabled pages are usually linked very well internally with easy navigability within the site. So that means lesser broken links and missing pages.

Nowadays it has become mandatory for schools to have an official social media page. SEO need not be complicated at all. Having an active social media page that engages with people in itself is a decent strategy to build gradual traffic and online image.

Having a specific SEO strategy goes a long way in building an organic reach to a website.

How will a search engine optimized page benefit a school?

  1. SEO enabled page will show up higher in search engine results and thereby would get more clicks and traffic. It uses the human behavior psychology to drive traffic.
  2. Constant updation of website contents and the code of the page keeps it dynamic thereby securing better rankings in the Google page ranking lists.
  3. The content posted is generally fresh. It says without going that for a higher ranking the content on the website must be relevant and good.
  4. An SEO enabled website is usually internally linked better and is easily navigable. It makes life easy for the users.

It might sound a tad overboard to employ a dedicated SEO strategy for the page, but in competitive times it helps to have one in place to garner the advantage on the internet.