Everyone loves promotions, be it a Christmas card promo, or a Black Friday discount. The shopaholics make the best out of Black Friday deals, and shop their hearts out! But is a promotional campaign by a hair salon a sure shot way to attract local clients? Maybe during the holiday season!

But a perennial strategy that ensures a round the clock clientage every day is where a hair salon owner must invest in – a smart and a viable Google Search Engine Optimization strategy!


If you’re business is not online, you’re missing a great deal of opportunities to attract clients. And once you’re online, amidst countless other salons, an improvement in your brand’s visibility is what an effective SEO strategy does for you.

Here’s a set of factors that determine and maintain your brand’s visibility on the Search Engine:

  • Links: Links have always been important! If a high-ranking websites provides your salon’s link on their page, Google is interested in you!
  • On-page parameters: Certain on-page parameters like internal link’s structure, structure of the page, etc. show Google your site’s originality, conformance to the norms set by Google.
  • Reviews on Google and social media: Even a single raging review can set your site’s popularity wheel into motion.
  • My Business listings: For a salon owner, getting listed is more important than maybe an online shopping store! As your clients are local, ranking high in Google My Business listing is important.
  • Behavioral indicators: If a user sees your business listing on Google, is he going to click, call or visit the sure?

An Search Engine Optimization campaign keeps an account of all these considerations, and improves upon every single indicator.

Here’re top components of a strong SEO campaign for a hair salon:

Installation of Google Analytics Tool and Google Search Console: Data is the king, just like content is! There’re a hundreds of ways in which the relevant data can be strategically used to attract the clients with maximum chances of conversion.

Keywords, tags, and titles: Keywords are important! A strategic placement of the correct keywords in title tags, meta description, page description, and inside the content is what will attract the prospective user who’s right now putting a user query in Google, for example, “hair salons near me”, or “hair salons in Manhattan”.

Display authority with citation and links: Links from high-ranking websites, and citation building showcase authority of your salon in the online market. A steady increase in backlinks from the other authoritative sites ensure a vote of confidence from the Google and an improved ranking in your niche.

Content strategy is supreme: A great Search Engine Optimization campaign gives primacy to data, but knows the high potential of informative, engaging, and interesting content. A funny video tutorial about your hair salon, or your team, or a day in your salon, or regular blog posts on newest hair styling or hair coloring techniques is how a random user will eventually land on your site, and fix an appointment.

While an in-house SEO team is competent to strategize a sound marketing plan, taking strategic help from an expert team dedicated to digital marketing is worth its salt.