Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an inevitable tool in the age of the internet. With more people thronging search engine sites like Google and Bing, it has become important to claim visibility on it so exert dominance in an industry. After all, rarely do visitors go past the first page of the search results generally. Hence to make sure that the page appears on the top of the search list SEO becomes important.

Interior designing is a niche area, which caters to a customized and specific need. The chances of having a made-to-order customer is higher than having a stock customer. Hence catalog pages suit the website of interior design business. Why does an interior designing business require an SEO enabled page?

  • An SEO enabled page will drive traffic to the pages without having to pay for it. Quality and relevant content is sufficient for search engines to rank the page higher, thereby showing it higher in the ranking list.
  • It can be an indirect motivation to keep your page and content up-to-date. Fresh and updated content will always attract more views.
  • Increase the reach of the page. Internet has made the world’s boundaries vanish and SEO will help leverage the same.
  • Benefits of an Search Engine Optimization enabled page is high.
  • Apart from bringing in more views, an SEO enabled page will keep showing up in social media platforms, leveraging the browsing history of viewers and trends.
  • Search Engine Optimization will automatically imply that constant updation to the content is a must.


  1. List your business on Google and inform your customers to rate and review you on it. It will boost the ratings.
  2. Homepage of your website must have content in it apart from pictures. Having a text-based content on homepage will help the algorithms target the right people looking for you.
  3. Install social media share buttons in all the pages. Easy sharing enables people to inform to the public at large about their experiences with you and also would help garner views from different sources.
  4. Since interior designing would be a picture-based site, add Pinterest buttons wherever possible. Nowadays people use Pinterest to have pin boards for visuals and making the site Pinterest-friendly would only contribute to being in the good books of the viewers.
  5. Make your site compatible across devices and operating systems.
  6. Do away with tools and plugins that are bloating the system and slowing it down. Nobody likes a slow page and it is no different for an interior designing page.
  7. Do your keyword research. Keywords help in hitting the right note with the customers and the algorithms. Hence make your website search engine friendly.
  8. Make sure that the address and contact details provided across the pages in the website is consistent in spelling. Do not confuse the search engine. It will lead to split metrics and will end up in lesser views.
  9. Have a well thought out SEO Interior Design strategy in place. It is need of the hour and is essential to take these off your mind to focus on your business.