As more and more patients go online to look for infertility related information, there’re ways in which an IVF clinic owner can use that trend to get audiences on his website – a targeted SEO campaign!

Times have changed. Internet ushered in an era where people can do a methodological research on specific health conditions online. As the level of confidence on net as a resource for medical conditions builds up, it is common to see queries on personal topics like mental conditions, infertility, in vitro fertilization, and so on.

An IVF specialist can utilize this trend by giving access to fertility related medical information online, and of course by using the targeted keywords.

How can a targeted Digital marketing campaign help an IVF clinic SEO?

When you use Google Analytics tool, and possess the relevant data, it’s that data that drives your SEO campaign to a conclusive end. In order to generate more leads, you need to look at it from a patient’s perspective.

Create a strategic plan that can make use of the search traffic, while engaging the prospective client in a constructive manner. When you know a patient’s intention at each stage of the treatment’s journey, you can convert that intent into a possible conversion.

Running a targeted PPC campaign based on the patient’s search queries:

Data is relevant, but so is imagination! It’s pretty commonsense to understand if a customer directly puts a query on “IVF” or “in vitro fertilization” or “IVF clinics in New York”, he/she may have tried all the other possible medical help. IVF is the stage where fertility issues reach a positive naught, and the patient in need is actively interested in the treatment process itself.

However, a patient who’s just beginning to explore the options might put user queries like “how much it costs to freeze your egg?” or “symptoms of infertility”, “best age to get pregnant”, and so on.

Information is the king in Internet Marketing! Any patient specifically searching for IVF requires a specific approach to the keyword targeting. You’ve to consider both the categories: actively searching for a clinic, and the ones who’s looking for fertility solutions, and devise a keyword targeting campaign.

A rigorous Local SEO campaign to attract the local traffic:

Local SEO is a must for every business owner whose primary competition is online. Create a “My business page” and see how quickly your business gets listed in the local business listings. A localized campaign specifically targets local markets, and expands your brand’s share in both regional and international markets. Visibility at regional level is a must in case of an IVF clinic as the patient will specify the state in the query, like, “IVF clinic near me”.

A targeted social media campaign attracts major traffic:

Everybody is hooked to the phone 24/7, and 85% of users are on social media sites. Users begin their research on social media sites, and then reach the main site. Images, videos, blog posts sharing, webinars, you can arrange them all via a solid social media campaign.

A specially targeted SEO campaign can get clicks, shares, and referrals by targeting the “right audience”.

As compared to other avenues, something as sensitive and personal as finding fertility solutions like IVF requires a careful and sensitive handling. Do everything possible in your power to build a credible brand image. Social media and use of informative and engaging content, can help initiate a level of trust in your clinic and services.

Keep a structured marketing plan, while keeping sensitivity and trust-building as priority, and you can expect an increased ROI and positive feedback in no time.