SEO for WordPress Website

Don’t you find it very easy to setup a WordPress site? Well, believe us its easier to optimise the site for SEO too. Everyone uses those same techniques to stuff keywords into the content! But SEO is more than that. Its evolving and we need to change our ways of increasing the ranking of SEO. Do you want to know SEO tricks for your WordPress site? Let’s see how to use SEO for WordPress.

  • Default Permalinks structure is strictly in your hands:

This trick is something which many people don’t know. By default, The permalinks used by WordPress is ‘?p=[id]’ which is not at all SEO friendly. You might lose your rank in search engine if you don’t change this setting. You can change it to a text based permalink structure. You can use ‘‘ format for your site.

  • Important plugin to index your site content:

To index your site content, you need to install .xml sitemap plugin. This would allow search engines to track your content in a faster way as well as help to increase the ranking in Google. The trick also says to enable the ‘ rel=”canonical” ‘ tag for the site pages. How can it be helpful? It helps different search engines to know about the source URLs of content of the pages.

  • The use of CDN

What is CDN? It caches the static content like images, JavaScripts, CSS etc. amongst different servers and serves it to the users that are located close to those servers. This thus ensures faster performance time for any website. CDN can be thus used well for SEO!

  • Interlinking posts is the key:

To give search engines more relevant content interlinking of posts can really be helpful. It makes easier navigation within the site. For your WordPress blogs this can bring a good amount of traffic. Whenever you post something new just link your older posts too. This would not only increase traffic to your new posts but it would bring traffic to old posts too. This in return can increase your site ranking.

  • Put links within your website:

Your webpage is really important and thus you want more people to read it. You may link your blog posts on the sidebar so that search engines realize that its really important for the users to read it and should be in a good place.

  • Social media sharing buttons in your webpages:

Almost every search engine takes the help of social media to give certain ranks to websites. The liking of any Facebook post or retweet of any post on twitter helps Search engines to give them the priority. You can use social media platforms to bring traffic to your content and ultimately it would increase your ranking in search engine.

What are the SEO benefits of a WordPress website?

  • Its the content that makes all difference:

When it comes to manage a WordPress website, we know that it doesn’t require any technical hand every time to edit and upload the content. Thus, an successful SEO campaign can be easily done because the updation is in your hands!

  • WordPress keeps itself updated

As per SEO perspective WordPress is really a God saver because firstly its an open source software for which you don’t need to pay anything and secondly WordPress CMS is constantly updated. Thus, its very practical in SEO point of view.

  • WordPress Plugins:

WordPress itself comes with variety of SEO plugins which automatically helps your website to shine in the pool of different sites. You can add many SEO features onto your WordPress site like tags, sitemaps, descriptions etc.

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