SMS Marketing

There’re countless ways to get in touch with a customer. The average open rate of an SMS is more than 90%. The statistic probably qualifies SMS marketing as one of the leading ways.

Did you know that Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign, rather a solid one, had SMS marketing in the lead?

An SMS is likely to get opened within 5 minutes of its delivery. And the numbers are encouraging if we take a look from the demographic standpoint. The likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi have time and again assured about the efficacy of this marketing channel.

So, what all you can do to build a connection via the SMS platform?

Start with creating a personalized text message: In the world of social media chaos, a personalized “Hello, name, how are you?” sticks. Generate a personalized text via SMS marketing software, and arrest the attention of the subscribers.

A call to action campaign: Just like a newsletter, or an email, even SMS campaign makes brilliant use of a call-to-action feature. Pepsi’s text market campaign is a notable example, worthy of being one-of-its-kind successful campaign.

Generate short codes to market contests, discounts, deals, and so on: Short codes based on keywords allow the customer to opt for your offer in the quickest way.

Make the option to unsubscribe an easy one: It might hurt in the short-run. But the power of un-subscription gives you an upper-hand in marketing sphere. Allow a disinterested subscriber to opt out of more SMSs. It’s better to comply to legalities, and stay away from SPAM folders.

Important consideration before you launch a campaign :

How to keep out of the SPAM folder?

Well, that’s a tricky one. But to start a text message marketing efforts, requires phone numbers of actual customers. Sometimes, a customer might not give you a phone number. But if you’ve got a considerable number of customers, make sure to make a calculated and good use of the info.

  • It’s always better to keep the messaging infrequent.
  • Also, make sure that the deals you offer are exclusive, and is not just a repetition of email marketing campaign.
  • You can also use the messages to give premium notices to the clients about an upcoming payment or service.
  • Opt-in permission is a must, if you want to create a long-term connection with the individual. Ask for the consent before you bombard, hope not, the customer with deals and discounts.
  • Make sure to be updated with the legal issues as a marketer before you plunge into a campaign.

How can BlueChip contribute for your SMS marketing campaign?

  • We equip our clients with a hassle-free SMS marketing campaign that’s result oriented, and customized as per the business’ requirements.
  • We assure a high ROI as we’ve done the same for a number of clients who were initially reluctant about the SMS platform.
  • We’re a leading digital marketer who’s equipped in handling all the spheres of Internet marketing: SEO, content management, e-commerce solutions, and so on.

Simple, direct, and cost-effective, connecting via text messages is a great way to build a comprehensive marketing campaign. In times like these, versatility and experimenting with each available marketing channel is the recipe for success.