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Print Design

Print Design By Bluechip Digital

Designing is an art. It affects the look and the feel of the company’s image with the audience. For example, with internet slowly becoming the platform for basic communication by companies, the websites play a major role in helping the audience form an opinion about the company.

Ads and brochures are the most prominent marketing tools for an organisation. The way these tools look and convey the message is as important as the message itself. Design aspects come into play, while thinking about expanding the business using brochures, t-shirts, posters, flyers and danglers.

Design principles come into play at this juncture. It is merely not enough to hit the spot with content, but also with the entire presentation of it.

Before we go into the intricacies of what to do and what not to do while putting content on paper, let us first see why this is important to give it a serious thought :

  • Readability – This is the crux of anything that is used for marketing. The content must reach the intended audience in the expected way. If the audience cannot read or make sense of it, the whole process loses its purpose.
  • Pleasing to the eye – the contents on the paper must be pleasing to the eye. Our eyes have a certain degree of tolerance and taking advantage of it will reap benefits to the company.
  • Aesthetics – Creativity is more about aesthetics. The more conceptual and stunning the creation is, the reach will be better. Human beings enjoy aesthetic visuals and companies would do great to leverage that.

Design aspects are different for print medium and digital medium. Digital medium is more about fluidity whereas certain design aspects will not look good on paper. It is hence crucial to strategise accordingly when deciding to print content on paper.

Some of the specific pointers in designing specific print marketing products of companies are as follows :

  • Posters – Posters need to shout out loud as to what the company is and its crux. A smart tagline and a nice, attractive picture are a must in the posters. Make sure that posters pass the 10-metre test to be a hit.
  • Brochures and flyers – These are things that audience take back home and hence utmost care must be given to make them free from errors and misleading tips. Being to the point and making them engaging to read will be important while designing brochures and flyers.
  • T-shirts, mugs etc. – These are items that are going to further your brand value. People have to be proud to own and show-off an item that has your brand name imprinted on them. Hence picking a good logo and a great font is crucial while designing t-shirts and mugs.
  • Packaging materials – While items like brochures and t-shirts are in a category, packaging materials are different in the aspect that it just needs to remind people about your brand. No further explanation is necessary on a packaging material. Nobody is going to invest time in reading a packing tape or a cardboard box. Hence keep it simple and elegant while designing stuff to go on packing materials.

Some important points to keep in mind while finalising design for the content are :

  • Keep it simple. Over the years we have seen how simplistic designs have retained their place in the public memory for a long time. It makes sense to keep the designs simple and not go for complexities.
  • Use colours judiciously. Even though having a colourful spread is good, you do not want your brochures to look like a Christmas tree. Using too many colours run the risk of distracting the readers from the core message of the material. Hence choose the colours wisely and stick to them.
  • Pick your fonts well. Be open to mix and match. It is totally fine to experiment to get the desired results.
  • Pick your layout wisely. Some layout components don’t bode well on paper. For example- ultra thin lines and small grain boxes might not print well due to the inherent limitations of the paper and ink. Hence it is better to avoid these while designing the brochures.
  • White space- The biggest advantage of white space is that it can even out things. Hence, make the best use of it.
  • Take care to reflect the character of your business on print. Just like logos, print designs are chosen to convey what the business is about just by the appearance.


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Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Aug 25, 2018
5 /5 stars
I have been working with Bluechip Digital for several months now and have seen a continuous growth in leads and impressive lead conversion compared to what I was seeing before I employed their services. Maran is an expert in the field and impressed me with being incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, and consistently available for any questions and concerns I had. He took the time to work with me over the phone and design a solution to fit my business. He was familiar with the keywords I wanted to focus on --and, what's more, the feasibility of achieving high ranking with those keywords in my geographic area.

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
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Bluechip digital is a very hardworking team towards the all digital projects and team is dedicated and commited to provide a best solution with a timely manner.