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Get better SEO By Bluechip Digital

There’s awful lot of competition when it comes to selling jewelry online. Big retailers like eBay, Etsy pull a great many number of users to shop for jewelry online.

A sound SEO strategy for a jewelry store is a must if you’re willing to take your marketing strategy up a notch!

Search Engine Optimization brings actionable and measurable results. Here’s how a great SEO plan can help you reach more customers and increase your ROI with time

A fully mobile-friendly site:

Selling jewelry online is a hectic business. It starts with creation of a beautiful, and unique website. Basically, an aesthetically designed website that’s simple to navigate is what you need. A mobile-tablet friendly interface is a must for every business that’s making the online transition. For a jewelry store, a fully mobile optimized site ensures that you make a great first impression on the customers who’ll be referred to your site via social media sharing, and other SEO tactics.

Create a blog and share the timeless journey of a bejeweled piece:

Antiques are precious, and each one has a story to tell! An Edwardian legacy, or a Georgian finish, writing and sharing informative and engaging blog posts about antiques, and other bejeweled piece will mark your authority as a brand that knows what’s it that it’s doing. Strategic placement of searchable keywords in the content will generate tremendous amount of traffic for your blog and consequently for your site.

Local search engine optimized site:

The power of local SEO is huge, especially for brands that sell both online and offline. A physical Jewelry store is always going to be the preferred destination by a local prospective customer. Get a functional Google My Business Page, and you’ll be amazed at the rise in the referrals and conversions by ranking higher on SERPs.


Hire a wonderful designer!

Anyone who’s been to a jewelry store knows that there’s a certain kind of ambiance that one feels in a jewelry store – a kind of perfection, and a well-mannered staff that keeps smiling, and speaking in sweet-low tones. That’s the kind of ambiance your designer needs to create, combined with an ease of navigation. A jewelry site has to look good, and deliver easily.

Optimized and professional photos!

Search engine optimization of your website is crucial to rank higher among other worthy online jewelry stores. A jewelry can only sell if it at the very looks exquisite in a picture, and you need to invest a great deal for a professional photographer here. Taking the pictures beyond a contrasting color scheme will help the picture to come out. Take cues from a professional SEO team who’s handled similar projects earlier.

Strategic placement of social media sharing buttons:

A rare designer piece, or a beautifully cut black diamond will result in instant sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Pinterest, and other social media channels. An SEO specialist makes sure that the “share” or “like” options stands out, and is placed at the correct place.

A professional SEO team must know the unique attributes and challenges that come up for an online jewelry store. Make sure to seek professional help if you’re a startup with limited online experience.


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Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Aug 25, 2018
5 /5 stars
I have been working with Bluechip Digital for several months now and have seen a continuous growth in leads and impressive lead conversion compared to what I was seeing before I employed their services. Maran is an expert in the field and impressed me with being incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, and consistently available for any questions and concerns I had. He took the time to work with me over the phone and design a solution to fit my business. He was familiar with the keywords I wanted to focus on --and, what's more, the feasibility of achieving high ranking with those keywords in my geographic area.

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Rated: 5 / 5 based on 17 Clients Reviews
Bluechip digital is a very hardworking team towards the all digital projects and team is dedicated and commited to provide a best solution with a timely manner.