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Video Production

Video Production By Bluechip Digital

Why video production should be a priority on your marketing strategies?

When it comes to marketing a business, audiences today only desire quality. Advertisements in a leading daily might sound like a great idea, but today they are not sufficient. Communicating your vision, your idea, and your dream is an important aspect of marketing, which is difficult with conservative ways of newspaper advertisements. Since communication is the key here, what better way to put across your dream with the help of a video?

Growing digitalization giving opportunities for video marketing.

With the rising impact of social media in our lives today, videos have become an effective way to sell almost anything, no matter what the product or services are. With the growing number of screens on a daily basis, this content marketing strategy is not going to leave us, anytime soon! It is here to not just stay, but to grow even further. People today are phasing out of their “bigger” laptop and desktop screens and opting for mobile phones and tablets. This has not only led to affordability in terms of digital ownership, but also has led to more and more time being spend with our devices. Most people around us spend their daily lives staring at their screens and interfaces, consumed by what the internet has to offer. This growing digitalization and our dependence on it has been tapped as an opportunity by almost all corporates to market themselves in innovative ways. Today, these corporates, no matter old or new, are capturing new customer bases by engaging them through their video content. This has led to Video Production being a rock star in today ever grown digital universe.

Videos bring you more traffic!

To begin with, yes, marketing is an indispensable part of all kinds of corporates today. The added flavors of video production are giving these corporates new opportunities to reach flavorsome heights every day. These corporates are not just able to engage with the masses, but also establish new bonds of friendship with them. But are these corporates, who are investing so much of their time and energy in video production, are they getting returns?

Well, of the total number of internet users, almost a third of them watch YouTube videos every single day. In fact, more than 500 million hours’ worth of videos are watched every day. Moreover, in the US alone, there are about 75 million people who watch videos every single day. The chances of your brand and your corporate name becoming the next viral thing, through video production and video content marketing are not just increased, rather they are increased by about 1200 percent. Video content is said to generate 1200 percent more number of shares and interest in comparison to their text counterparts. It is said that video production increases your chances of organic traffic generation by 157 percent.

With all these facts and figures, there is no doubt on the fact that not only with video production your chances of getting more traffic increases, but also they lead to an increase in your revenues.

Humans are visual creatures!

The success of video production and video marketing comes down to humans! Them being the “Visual species”! We humans cannot help but be drawn to animated and moving images. We could see a cat at its feline best for hours and have an impact, which an article is less likely to generate. (Oh! The irony).

Explaining hard and fairly new things to people through videos increases their chances of understanding things in a better perspective. Videos and animations help bring life to your difficult concept, which no article or textual content can ever do! Video content is a perfect combination of not just information and entertainment, but also is a simple way to reaching your organizational goals.

Video marketing strategies can even influence the laziest of your customers. Owing to our busy and hectic lifestyles today, nobody actually has the time to read all kinds of long articles and descriptions about your products and services. Here, video marketing comes into the picture and saves you! Modern consumers opt for visual, moving aids to make quick purchasing decisions, which has led to video marketing being a driving force of almost every marketing strategy.

Strategize your SEO through video production :

Yes, creation of engaging, viral video content and its strategic distribution has seen its share of struggles in the beginning, but the interest it generated among millions all over the globe has helped pave way for its success. The struggle of making sure it reaches the right audiences soon dissipated, and turned into a video content revolution.

Today, video production and its subsequent marketing has accomplished all the tasks which were earlier accomplished by traditional means of marketing. In fact, it has magnified those traditional benefits. Infusing video production to your marketing strategies greatly impacts your SEO strategies and simultaneously enhances your website and page rankings on all search engines. Quality video content would generate you more and more recognition on search engines’ result pages. In fact, Google loves video content! Video content exposes your website and your business to Google’s algorithms, signaling Google to help give you a fair space on its results page.

Most consumers today choose a business only after they have viewed a brand’s video content. Why? Because videos tend to explain every minute detail of what the business has to offer with their products and services. This trend has given rise to almost 50 percent of businesses today to have a promotional-explainer video on their official websites. Out of these 50 percent businesses, almost 85 percent claim that strategically placing an explainer video on their website turned out as an effective trick.

You don’t need a budget for video production!

Video production and marketing is not just about intangible “popularity” benefits today. It is much more than that! The financial payoffs are the key players here! Studies show that your sales could increase by about 80 percent, all owing to quality video content. If you are concerned about the budgetary allocations for producing a good video, you need not worry! A simple idea can change your life. Rest can be changed with the technology you have! Having a smartphone today is probably the only thing you would require for taking baby steps in the field of video production. Online videos though are expected to be perfect, but are not synonymous with the term. You can easily have a great return on investment of your time, your money, your energy and your products and services through a decent and interesting video content!

While video production is not a new concept, it still has managed to revolutionize the world. This marketing strategy has been around us since the invention of televisions. However, today, video production has managed to garner benefits for all kinds of businesses as it grows even further. Video production and marketing seems to not show any signs of stopping or slowing anytime soon! If you still haven’t engaged your business to video production, now is the time to grow!

Speaking of growing! Here is why should you choose BlueChip Digital for your video production needs!

Some of you out there might have the budget, might have ideas, but not the skills that are needed to actually generate a professional viral video to garner attention among the masses! An eye-catching video takes a lot to be produced, and this is why you require our help. We at Bluechip Digital offer you professional video production services to help you reach new heights of success!

One of the advantages of working with Bluechip Digital for all your video production and marketing needs is the access to our professional and specialist services. Our team of experts will make sure you have all the necessary requirements to effectively make an impact on the masses. We are going to support all your marketing and organizational goals with our professional services.

With the help of Bluechip Digital, you could be turning every single view into a new customer!

Through BlueChip’s professional video production and marketing service, you get

  • Ability to stand over and above your competitors
  • Ability to showcase your talent and enhance your brand
  • Ability to retain more and more visitors, thereby earning credible clients and customers.

You would not want to give our well-choreographed and constructed videos a miss.


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Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
Aug 25, 2018
5 /5 stars
I have been working with Bluechip Digital for several months now and have seen a continuous growth in leads and impressive lead conversion compared to what I was seeing before I employed their services. Maran is an expert in the field and impressed me with being incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, and consistently available for any questions and concerns I had. He took the time to work with me over the phone and design a solution to fit my business. He was familiar with the keywords I wanted to focus on --and, what's more, the feasibility of achieving high ranking with those keywords in my geographic area.

Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai
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Bluechip digital is a very hardworking team towards the all digital projects and team is dedicated and commited to provide a best solution with a timely manner.