As per the digital marketing methodologies of 2019, the digital marketing view that envelops SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, PPC, content advertising and more is watching a sensational move. There can have been a time-period when you could’ve refused Artificial Intelligence techniques or visual search as tricks from the recent blockbuster technology, however those time was a distant memory.
There are numerous new digital marketing techniques and methodologies that are developing in the present high tech, Internet-associated time and organizations currently need to utilize them to get success in their endeavors since what worked for you a year ago may not work this year.

Here are Eight Key Digital Marketing Techniques for 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will take off control across the globe or probably the world’s less difficult jobs. AI can investigate client behavior and search trends, utilizing information from and blog postings and social media to help organizations to watch how clients finds their products and services. For example, Facebook messenger bots can help you to robotize and advance your techniques for client’s benefit.

Programmatic Based Advertising

Programmatic based advertising refers to utilizing Artificial intelligence to computerize promotion purchasing so you can target particular audiences. Real time bidding or sell-offs are the type of Programmatic based advertising. This automation is significantly more proficient and quick, which means higher changes and lower client securing costs.

It’s changing the essence of digital advertising so quickly that, as per e-Marketer, relatively 90% of digital advertisements in the U.S. will be automatic by 2020.

Chat bots

Chatbots will become a main part of digital marketing in coming 2019.
This Artificial Intelligence based technology utilizes messaging to talk constantly, 24*7, with clients or website guests. With 1.4 billion people connecting with Chatbots, 80% of keen organizations are as of now utilizing or plan to utilize Chatbots by 2020. Also, in upcoming 3-4 years, Chatbots will help companies to spend over $8 billion for each annum, especially in the education, banking, hospitality and healthcare sectors.
Numerous clients favor communicating with chatbots as this technique is quick responsive, give answers fastly, accurately review your complete buying history, and never lose patience. These remote helpers offer exceptional client aid, living up to customer’s desires and automating repeated assignments which means you can focus on major work or projects.


If you need to be mind-blowing in digital marketing industry in coming 2019, you have to customize your promoting strategies and that refers to customized content, items, messages, emails etc. With the availability of information like buy history, purchaser conduct and connections clicked, traditional content has never been fewer demanding. Indeed, 96% of advertisers trust that personalization progresses client connections and build relationship with customers.

Organizations like Amazon and Netflix are as of now utilizing the strength of personalization. Signing in to the Netflix account, for e.g. promptly shows to you the proof of the personalization and the standard, arrange, work of art, content and look are altogether personalized for you.

Video Marketing

These numbers revels the importance of joining video into your digital marketing methodology in 2019:

• Almost 70% of customers says that they have shared a video of a brand.
• Around 72% of organizations say video has enhanced their transformation rate.
• About 52% of customers says that watching product related videos makes them much positive about online buy choices.
• 65% of officials visit the advertiser’s site and 40% call a merchant after seeing a video.

What’s more, don’t simply think Youtube. To observe higher commitment with video advertising, anyone can create a video post or begin a live communicate on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The live video is picking up quick popularity, with an expansive number of organizations utilizing it for meetings, product demos via video and “in the background” looks of occasions, life in the office, how items are made, and so forth.
With consistently reducing costs of film hardware and the increasingly great quality phone cameras, organizations and advertisers are setting out toward customized video messages as opposed to telephone calls or messages, which is known as the  video approach.

YouTube and different videos are shown in the SERPs, so video SEO is ending up considerably more important like utilizing content overlays and shut subtitles, in addition to your account, title and document names.

 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the kind of informal advertising that centers on utilizing key points to promote your brand’s message to the bigger market. As opposed to promoting specifically to a huge group of purchasers, you rather pay to influencers to get out the word for your business.

Utilizing influencers is an efficient advertising tool that tries to grab clients. Influencers may be anyone from legends and YouTube celebrities and Instagram to popular bloggers and reporters who help to increase the news about the organization, business or item via social platforms.