You have heard the term “SEO” many times. But do you know using Video Marketing to your website can drastically drive more visitors to your website? And, it’s true Videos are becoming one of the important parts of SEO and content marketing these days.

Before going to the Next Step that how Video Marketing can Improve SEO Let’s talk about What SEO is?

Search Engine Optimization is the way to improve website organic ranking. The higher your website ranks in the search engine the more you will get more business. It means more people will see your website relevant to their query and you will get more clicks to your website. But for this, you need to optimize your website content, design, images, and videos as a great structure of the website also helps you to get rank.

Here are some tips to create High-Quality Videos that will boost your SEO. Before you are going to start with video SEO we’ve got some tips for your video marketing:

  • Use Videos on your Landing Pages: Creating videos is not enough- you need to publish it on your website where it actually makes sense. Video tells Search engines that your page is high quality with proper information of your products or services. Video helps you to stay more visitors on your website that improve your site Click through rate.
  • Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet: Always make sure to keep your videos short and sweet as long videos can make visitors unexciting. So, always try to keep your videos short with good storytelling.
  • Be sure your Videos deliver great information: If your customers have any questions regarding your brand or services it is necessary that your videos will clear all your customers’ queries and they will get to know more about your brand or services.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the Right Content: Uploading videos on your website is not enough. Don’t forget to enter the right details for your video like Title, keywords in description and tags, etc. Great content with good videos will definitely help you to get crawl in search engines with priority.
  • Share Videos on your Social Media Channels: Did you know over 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day and videos get more interaction than just images. This means creating videos will help you more rather than just uploading images. Also, keep in mind to add subtitles to your videos as 90% of videos are watched without sound.

If you follow all the above tips it will definitely boost your search engine ranking.